The Tiefling leader of the Bastards of Erebus


Palaveen’s tiefling heritage is more apparent than most; his horns are large and branch from his brow, and his ears are pointed—this, combined with his facial hair, gives him a goatish look. His right foot is a cloven hoof, and his orange blood glows and flickers as if it were on fire. A scar in the shape of the symbol of Asmodeus decorates his forehead.

He alone among the Bastards of Erebus knows much of anything about the group’s link to the Council of Thieves — and even that isn’t much more than the fact that he’s met several times with shadowy figures in various parts of the city to receive payments and advice.

Palaveen is a coward and not much of a leader; when the PCs defeated the Bastards and assaulted him, he surrendered rather than being killed, and was turned over to the Dottari for his crimes.


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