Dahkath's Council of Thieves

4709 AR Arodus 18-19

Mom, I told you to call me "The Finder"!

Session Date (In Game): Starday, Arodus 18 – Sunday, Arodus 19 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL): October 4th, 2010
Start Time: 7:40pm
Finish Time: 11:45pm

Characters Present:

Part #1: Horse Drama – City of Westcrown
The session begins directly following the previous session's events. The party returns to Westcrown, splitting up with Arael to not arouse suspicion. After meeting up inside the city walls, Arael suggests returning the horses (borrowed from Gorvio’s Uncle, Jacovo) before heading towards the shrine. The party arrives at Jacovo’s shop just as a handsome, but arrogant man named Thesing Umbero Ulvauno is berating Jacovo for not having the horses he requires. Thesing is a local actor and opera singer of some repute who has let his growing reputation feed his ego to a ridiculous level. As the PC’s arrive with the horses, Thesing blames the group for taking his horses (obviously in an attempt to vex him. He lets the PC’s know he needs the horses for an impromptu performance of “The Elopement of the Dowager Princess”, for a scene where the handsome lover (played by Thesing, obviously) needs to escape the town guard on horseback. After a bit of bantering back and forth, Thodin and Marius calm Thesing down enough to stop making a scene.

Part #2: Shrine of Aroden – City of Westcrown
Returning to the Shrine, Arael is formally introduced to his rescuers, and any misgivings are cleared up. Arael and Janiven suggest laying low for a bit, as the Hellknights of the Order of the Rack will not be happy with this failure. It seems that the dottari will not pursue Arael, so he appears to be safe, for now. The party makes a decision to investigate Jan Candor, a local merchant who appeared to be targeted by imps in the sewers of Westcrown.

Part #3: Various Locations – City of Westcrown
After resupplying and gathering some information, the PC’s learn that Jan Candor is a general merchant, who works out of a small building near the northern ruins. Arriving at his shop, no reason can be found to indicate why devils would be interested in this man. The party attempts to monitor him overnight, setting up at a nearby tavern. During the night, some movement was detected in the Candor store, but nothing else was noticed. The next day, another inspection of the shop reveals lingering magical auras. The Finder notices that the weapon racks in the store look like some weapons have been removed. Jan does not know why or how this has happened. The party plans to return overnight to investigate further. Before they leave, they convince Jan to let them mark the positions of the weapons, to help notice if any have been repositioned. While they are waiting, they attempt to hunt one of the shadow beasts that roam the city at night. They have all heard that a masked woman known only as “Bluehood” offers a reward for any shadow beast dropped in front of a tavern across from the Leroung Estate. After running into a dottari patrol (and paying a bribe to pass) and a vicious swarm of rats, the party encounters a Shadow beast, and slays it. The shadow beast begins to dissolve upon death, so the party races across town to dump the corpse in front of the tavern before it disappears. Returning to Jan Candor’s shop, the party eventually notices movement similar to the previous night, and moves in to investigate. Jan appears to be under some magical control, and is throwing weapons from his weapon racks into a swirling portal. The party intercepts Jan eventually, and an imp appears from nowhere to attack. The imp is eventually destroyed, and Jan awakens from his magical domination, unable to remember any of his action, and wondering why the party (who had been harassing him for the last day or so) was in his shop at night.

Combat Encounters:

  • Shadow Beast (Name Unknown) – CR 2
  • Imp – CR 2
    • The Finder and Jezzie poisoned by the Imp, suffering dexterity damage

XP (Per PC)
Encounter #1: Placating Thesing – 250xp
Encounter #2: Bribing Guards – 0xp
Combat #1: Rat Swarm (CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #2: Shadow Beast(CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #3: Imp (CR 2) – 150xp
Total XP awarded for session 1: 700/person
10% Bonus for Journal submission: 70xp/person



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