Thodin Almek Journal Entry 7

Thodin's Adventure Journal

14th day of Rova, 4709 AR

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28th day of Rova, 4709 AR

Received a note early in the morning regarding a debt owed to Lord Rasdovain. Dire news indeed – the nobility – even the pale shadow of what they could be – still wield enormous power and authority here in Westcrown, and we would be well to avoid crossing them. The inference that this is Halak’s father is more troublesome still – likely something to do with the use of his opera box and the consumption of a somewhat large quantity of fine drink lay at the heart of this.

I am less inclined to trust Halak in the future when it comes to the distribution and use of wealth that he did not accrue himself – and while I seek to avoid the enmity of house Rasdovain, it would appear that Halak’s kin are rapidly earning mine. This is likely a flagrant abuse of power, showing the corrupt and evil nature of this once great city. May I make good use of Iomedae’s strength to one day change this!

We assembled and went to Halak’s family home – a large villa, once quite grand but somewhat in need of maintenance and perhaps a coat of paint. Lord Rasdovain did exactly what I expected him to do; he badgered us mercilessly regarding the use of his opera box, stated that we owed him a debt, and with far less cunning that I expected foreshadowed our doom should we not agree to perform a task for him.

A perfect test for my new channel to the will of Iomedae – I quickly thought of the consequences of accepting this task and clearing the perceived debt owed. Nothing – and therefore nothing that would damage my standing with my faith, my conscience, or my goddess. I accepted – as did the others, for whatever reasons they may or may not have had.

We were given a package and told to deliver it to a caravan guard – one who, of course, had recently departed Westcrown on the road for Egorian. We set out after him, and this is the point at which things began to go awry.

Orc Bandit with Greataxe + Ogre
Talk with caravan guards

Thodin Almek Journal Entry 7

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