Thodin Almek Journal Entry 6

Thodin's Adventure Journal

28th day of Arodus, 4709 AR

Things seem to be calming down after the defeat of the Bastards – there has been no official notice taken of our actions, but there is a growing sense in Westcrown that there are those willing to stand against the predatory inclinations of the wicked. Areal suggested – and I agree – that we should lay low for a time to not only rest and recover from our wounds, but to properly assess the long-term ramifications of our actions.

Wise advice indeed, for should the church of Asmodeus become involved, it is likely no matter how beneficial our actions, we would be persecuted and likely executed, not to mention the harm that may befall the other Children Of Westcrown.

30th day of Arodus, 4709 AR

Still no official notice, but there has been a reduction in the violence in the city overall. It would seem that several other groups who had similar ideas to the Bastards of Erebus have, in fact, retreated back to the shadows or outright disbanded themselves. More than anything, this I view as victory without conflict. While I am willing and able to wield the blade for the defense and protection of others, it is better by far to win without violence! This gives me hope for the future of the city. Praise Iomedae!

Unless, of course, we are under observation – I doubt I would be able to learn if that was the case before it was too late to warn my companions.

2nd day of Rova, 4709 AR

Finder approached me today – which was altogether unusual for him in the first place, but asking me if I could fashion him magical gear to ward him against harm. Something such as that should be easy to create, and provide modest protection. I should offer these services to all my companions that we better operate, survive, and triumph as a team.

3rd day of Rova, 4709 AR

New shipments of merchandise arrived, which is great – except for the water damage on some of the crates. It looks like the teamsters were lazy in the proper securing of the tarps designed to keep the water out, and it pooled in the bottom of the wagons. Not often that I get the short folk treatment these days – almost like the locals know something of me and treat me with some respect. Perhaps my association with Iomedae, but more likely our recent exploits.

Stupid teamsters – will have to complain to the shipping firm about this! Flagged down local patrol of Dottari, who I had all sign a letter written by their Lieutenant that the crates were indeed water damaged. I might be getting a little pessimistic as the years roll by.

4th day of Rova, 4709 AR

Turns out the water damage was superficial – no harm to goods inside. Bad news is that shipping firm agent stopped by – disagreeable man named Ploovis. Told me that the teamsters felt that I had treated them unfairly, and that he was considering the merit of their complaint and – in vague words but clear meaning – discussed talking to the temple authorities about my unsanctioned religious practices. Odious man – and a fool besides. Quickly brought the sniveling coward up with signed affidavit from Dottari attesting to state of crates. Also showed documents from temple – proof that I had registered my faith and that I was an open cleric, as required by law. As if I would be hiding this fact! I have no shame in following the Shining Crusader!

Marius stopped by – he spoke with Finder and is also interested in some minor magical augmentation. Must remember to speak to others about this as well.

Dorotea, from three houses down, had a baby girl. Called her Althea.

7th day of Rova, 4709 AR

Business is doing well, but I cannot devote the time to it that it really requires. Spoke with Tarvi about this, and she’s potentially interested in helping out, but warned me that working in her parent’s shop didn’t work out particularly well. Interesting girl, some talent there. Wonder if she would benefit from spending some time with Hoshe Finn. Served me well, and I offered to introduce her. She hasn’t decided yet.

Fiosa asked for some help with documents arranging for the purchase of a slave. Happy to assist, knowing she would likely simply free the man – a Halfling in the house of Khollarix by the name of Adal.

9th day of Rova, 4709 AR

Kept tabs on Fiosa – she did indeed free Adal and sent him out of the city and on his way to Andoran. I spoke with her about the law of the land and the absolute importance of adhering to it, even though distasteful. She seemed shocked and offended by the conversation until such time as I pointed out how her actions could be perceived by the more nefarious minded, at which point the repercussions – likely the deaths of all the Children Of Westcrown, the deaths of their families, and the seizure of their property in the greater glory of Asmodeus, was hardly the outcome she was looking for. Made several suggestions so that her future efforts to free slaves wouldn’t be brazen disregard of the law.

Must look out for her – she’ll likely land in trouble without guidance. Maybe Raiel would consent to taking her on for a time – give her some tempering just I as received those many years ago.

Crafted the first cloak – should help prevent many baleful effects. I am nervous about my handiwork – if I made an error and it leads to the harm or death of my companions… I must test it out first!

10th day of Rova, 4709 AR

Crafted the second cloak – with Finder in mind. Seems to like blending in, so it’s a particularly bland cloak – color of mud and dirty wood, if I had to name it. Seems to be functioning exactly like the last one, though I am loathe to test too thoroughly!

Since these seem to be coming out right – or at least consistently – maybe it is time to expand business operations? Must think on this. I would likely need to bring on employees to help manage the place.

Will work on cloak for Marius next. Should be able to present completed product soon.

12th day of Rova, 4709 AR

The mayor’s aide, Ursio Jeggare, sent us another message asking for our assistance. We arrived at the Four Dragon Inn where we had met him before, and he broke fast with us as he explained his problem. Apparently, the Mayor was moving goods through the city using underground pathways to avoid attracting the notice of, well, anyone, I suppose. When I pressed about the legality of the shipments, Ursio explained that the Mayor, whose gala events were well famous within Westcrown, used these byways to bring in supplies for his events, that his guests would be surprised and delighted by the resulting festivities without any advance notice. That explanation actually makes sense to me; while it is well known that the Mayor is corrupt, this is just the sort of corruption he would undertake – incompetent and mostly harmless. Would that he devoted himself to running the city as much as he did to these parties!

The central problem Ursio left us with is this: A series of attacks on the goods moving through the city by a band of Kobolds calling themselves the Sewer Dragons has led to the death of several Dottari, as well as the destruction or theft of some of the goods. Ursio wanted this to stop, but in a peaceful fashion; should we simply exterminate the Kobolds, then they would doubtless create a power vacuum which would lead to greater violence and chaos in the streets below, not less. Our task, then, was to negotiate with the Kobolds to keep them from attacking the caravans in the future. Ursio promised us payment, and gave us leave to negotiate a settlement on his behalf with the Kobold clan.

Ursio gave us several hints as to how to approach this problem. First, he suggested that the Sage Xarcious, who was known to have dealings with these particular Kobolds in the past, would be the best place to start. Of course, a complication – the sage is missing, after having been involved in an argument with a moneylender by the name of Greeves. We set out to locate him – a particularly easy task, as Finder knew exactly where his place of business was located.

Ursio also asked us to take on some additional assistance. He told us his name was Halak, and asked that we take care of him as a favor to the Mayor. He assured us that he was an otherwise decent fellow and was useful and handy in a fight, but was otherwise underfoot – and his father wanted him gone. We agreed, and arranged to meet Halak at the message boards in the Parego Regicona.

Halak seemed a decent sort – he identified us relatively easily (there are not so many Dwarves in Westcrown that this would be difficult!), and we made introductions. He told us his name was Halak Rasdovain, a minor noble here in the city. Still, seemed a decent fellow, without too much of the sadistic pretensions that seem to come along with that crowd. With Halak in tow, we left for the

We approached the building – a dilapidated but nonetheless sturdy structure. Finder scouted about and found nothing, so we approached and knocked on the door. Once inside, Greeves was quite nervous having a devout of Asmodeus present within; somewhat understandable considering the obvious illegality of his operation. We haggled with the disreputable fellow, and in exchange for amnesty, a promise to let him leave, and some coin (which Halak provided casually – I must remember to speak to him about the perils of carrying such wealth around and flashing it about), Greeves told us that he had abducted the sage, and he was in the back.

Sure enough, the Sage Varakus was in a cell in the back room, and we were able to mend his wounds and escort him home. Halak and him became involved in an animated discussion about his debt; appealing to his better nature did little to aid us. I lament that Westcrown has fallen so far!

Eventually, he told us that he had, in the past, tutored several of the Kobolds, finding several of them adept students and interested in learning. He further told us where their main encampment was located, in a heavily defensible section of the sewers beneath the Rego Cadar. Further, the eldest daughter of the clan chief has a passion for opera, and would regularly disguise herself with magic and attend plays, posing as a Halfling wearing a blue cloak. He explained that she was the least militant and most reasonable of the Kobolds – contacting her first would be the best and most likely way to negotiate a settlement with the Kobolds.

After we saw the moneylender home safely, we agreed to stake out the Opera. Again Halak proved his worth, talking about the various plays and which the Kobold would be most likely to attend. Armed with this knowledge, we approached one of the plays, and observed a blue-cloaked Halfling surrounded by a magical aura entering the theater. Halak gained us admittance to his father’s private box, where we asked for the disguised Kobold to join us.

She agreed with me that the current situation would lead to ruin, but that her father was making those decisions. Through a somewhat masked but otherwise transparent conversation, we reached an agreement that we would remove her father and she would assume control, at which point the attacks would stop in exchange for trading privileges with the caravans and guards using the secret route. She agreed to be absent the next day, so that we could strike down the father.

Do I have concerns about this? Some, yes. Kobolds are notoriously untrustworthy and vicious, but this one seemed to realize the essential truth of the matter – that the current course would lead to the ruin of her clan. As to seeking out and striking down the Kobold responsible for the death of several Dottari, I have no concerns there. May Iomedae preserve and protect us. For the sword, for the heart!

13th day of Rova, 4709 AR

We set out for the entrance to the sewers that the sage Xarcious pointed us to. The Kobolds would undoubtedly be able to see and hear us coming – again we go into darkness, and again we must broadcast our position to our foes by carrying light sources. In a narrow tunnel, we were attacked by Kobolds using magical arrows, that covered both Marius and Finder with a sticky goo, impeding their mobility. My efforts with the crossbow were for naught, and as I tried to close in on them, I slipped and fell into the muck below. It was then that the Kobolds let loose a rock that smashed down atop us, grievously wounding all and requiring me to call on Iomedae for strength and healing repeatedly. When we began to overcome the Kobold guards in the corridor, they simply fled down a sewer grate.

Pursuing them down after a lengthy delay, we were set upon by an Otyugh, which we slew with no small difficulty. Marius ripped the iron grate the Kobolds had sealed behind them free from its hinges, and we pursued them up the stairs – only to find that many of them had fled. We approached the broad and ruined theater area where a throne mounted on the stage whirled around, presenting us with a vision of what we presumed to be the Kobold leader. No sooner had he done that than Finder’s arrow struck him in the chest. Iomedae, please let this be the Kobold we need to find!

The battle against the sorcerous Kobold was long and difficult – he repeatedly struck down our companions and blasted us with lightning. Halak was struck down, and I had to abandon my offense to see to his wounds. Eventually the Kobold, cornered and out of magic, was cut down by Marius, at which point his daughter stepped in, and with a fairly gaudy display of illusions pronounced us her prisoners, and ordered all the other Kobolds out of the room.

At this point, I took Halak up on his offer of prestidigitation to clean the muck and filth from my body, and we negotiated some benign trade terms. We notified Ursio of our accomplishments, and he paid us, as agreed. He was well pleased with our work – and in truth, so am I and, I pray, Iomedae! The killings will stop, a more moderate influence that can still defend it’s territory is in place, and the Mayor is satisfied.

Praise Iomedae!

Oh, demonspit! Forgot to give them cloaks!

Thodin Almek Journal Entry 6

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