Thodin Almek Journal Entry 5

Thodin's Adventure Journal

25th day of Arodus, 4709 AR

We discussed our approach on the suspected Tiefling hideout, the group known as the Bastards of Erebus. Whether this implies a true connection to the realms below or not remains to be seen. They have created a stronghold for themselves in the ruined portion of the city, apparently in an old church or other temple building. They are likely to spot us during the day (not to mention difficulties with the Dottari!), so we agreed to approach at night. Areal, Janiven, and the rest of the children of Westcrown have agreed to assist us during our assault – though Janiven (quite rightly) believes that they should only be used in supporting roles. Their lack of training would likely lead to their needless death otherwise.

26th day of Arodus, 4709 AR

During the dark of night, we exited Westcrown and made our way around the city, entering the ruins from the outside. This bypassed most of the Dottari, and allowed us to approach from an unusual direction – hopefully without incident!

We approached the temple complex, and noted the bell tower with a lookout perched within it. Should we be spotted, the lookout would no doubt ring the bell, alerting his infernal fellows within to our presence, and making our assault that much more difficult. Dispersing the Children of Westcrown to watch the approaches, and leaving Janiven with them to watch over them and keep them safe, we plotted how best to neutralize the lookout.

Areal suggested magical silence coupled with a barrage of arrows. He cast the spell, and the Children unleashed a barrage of crossbow bolts – and success! The lookout was struck dead, and fell to his death outside the front doors. This allowed us easy access to the entrance without an alarm being sounded. It seems wrong to thank Iomedae for such good fortune – striking without warning does not seem right, though what these Tieflings did to that shop owner and his wife has earned them such a reward.

The front doors were adorned with woodland scenes – perhaps this was a church of Erastil or some other farm or hunting god. We opened the door as stealthily as we were able, but a mongrel dog being kept as a pet and lookup raised the alarm, and battle was joined swiftly. We overpowered the guards at the front entrance, and located the entrance to the crypt below, likely where the Bastards had setup their lair.

I had several advantages over my compatriots, chief among them the ability to see through darkness, so I led my companions – and Areal – downwards. The Tieflings, alerted by the noise above, were prepared to receive us, including one of their kind who had some mastery of arcane arts. We fought a difficult battle – more so, as the Tieflings used their ability to call darkness to hamper and blind my companions. The sorcerer coward (no doubt trying to portray himself as some sort of undead – a laughable disguise!) fled as soon as he was wounded, and sealed the door shut behind him. No doubt the rest of the complex was now ready to receive us.

Once we finally battered the door down, we were able to proceed down a hallway, where we were set upon once again. This was a close fight, and hopefully represented the bulk of their power, as we barely prevailed in the struggle. Iomedae preserve, assaulting defended positions is demanding work! Beyond this was a room that had been re-purposed as some sort of dormitory, where the remnants met us in battle. Areal saved us here, using his divine gifts of Iomedae to blast the Tieflings with holy light. Else my journal would never see conclusion! Praise Iomedae!

Finally, what appeared to be the principal lair of their leader was breached, and he set upon us some skeletal dogs or wolves, while giving us battle. A cleric of Asmodeus himself! We were blasted by his vile necromancy, and again Areal saved us from certain doom by countering and offsetting the necrotic damage being inflicted upon us. Turning invisible at the end, the coward attempts to flee, but we blocked the exits from the room, preventing escape that way. Eventually his deceptions ran out, and we captured him and his stash, turning him over to the Dottari for punishment.

A disturbing find – a note referencing a council of some sort that seems to be an unknown power broker in the city. Certainly the implication is that they knew of the Bastards of Erebus and tolerated their activities.

A narrow victory, but thanks to Iomedae’s assistance – though more from Areal than from myself – we were victorious. The Bastards are no more, and the people of Westcrown now see that there are those who are willing to stand up for what is right!

Thodin Almek Journal Entry 5

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