Thodin Almek Journal Entry 4

Thodin's Adventure Journal

20th day of Arodus, 4709 AR

Jan was surprisingly willing to listen to our story – though no doubt the vicious wounds filled with vile poison added some strength to our story. The fact that he had no memories of venturing downstairs, and the obvious fact that his shop held little of any value for us – solidly built, yet unremarkable weapons are something my companions and I have a vast quantity of already.

Much to my surprise, Jan expressed his gratitude after the confusion was past – he further offered us a discount on his wares in the future, and offered to let us stay for the remainder of the night. Praise Iomedae, but there are still decent folk living in this city who are worth fighting for!

21st day of Arodus, 4709 AR

When I awoke, I found a pouch with 100 golden coins inside it – a just reward for slaying the shadow beast the previous night. Bluehood is apparently honest and truthful – at least as far as the reward goes. I am disturbed, however, that she or her compatriots were able to break into my home so easily.

I spent some time tending to my shop, and the rest of the day passed mostly uneventfully, save for a note that arrived from a street urchin, bidding me to join a mysterious group for dinner at the Four Dragon Inn, to discuss a job opportunity within the city itself. In speaking with my companions, they each received a similar missive, suggesting that our activities are hardly unknown to the local authorities. This further evidence of the corruption and inefficient enforcement of the law is yet more evidence that my path is honorable and necessary.

Arriving at the Four Dragon Inn, we were greeted by one Ursio Jeggare, who went to some lengths to point out that he was the principal aide to the mayor of Westcrown. He wished us to destroy a vicious pack of goblins operating in the ruined north section of Westcrown. I, of course, was ready to agree immediately; after all, hunting goblins is important to do quickly before they spread, and always a just activity.

After some haggling over the price that the mayor’s aide would pay for our services, the terms of the contract were laid out for us – exterminate Whitechin the goblin and his pack, and do so without involving the Dottari or the Hellknights. A simple enough task.

After dinner, I returned with Jezzie and Finder to Jezzie’s residence, and spent the evening caring for both of them, helping them to overcome the effects of both Filth Fever and the imp’s poisoned wounds. The next day would be spent scouting for the lair of Whitechin, though I vaguely recall an alchemical factory – it’s rumored base of operations – in the north section of the city.

22nd day of Arodus, 4709 AR

Much of the day I spend tending to Jezzie and Finder, aiding them in the recovery of their wounds. Finder recovered quickly – no doubt a sign of his greater stamina, as opposed to some resistance he has earned through a tough life living on the streets surrounded by disease.

23rd day of Arodus, 4709 AR

Some effort by Marius and Finder showed that the easiest way into the ruined north part of the city was simply to leave via the south gates, walk around the outer wall, and scale the broken sections north of the city to re-enter from there. Chances of discovery by the Dottari or the Hellknights was essentially zero. Jezzie was fully recovered by the end of this day, so the next day we would assault the lair of Whitechin, and lay waste to the goblin monstrosity and it’s vile pack!

I must pray for guidance – the delight I feel in assaulting a goblin stronghold may not be entirely appropriate. Iomedae rewards confronting evil, but reveling in the confrontation… that may be evil itself. Hubris, Thodin, Hubris…

23rd day of Arodus, 4709 AR

We ventured out of the city, circling around it and scaling a section of ruined wall with plenty of places to grip the stone available. Even in my armor, it was a simple task to climb over. We were, however, assaulted almost immediately by a group of Tieflings. The vicious half-breeds were stupid as well – anyone wandering randomly around the north section of the city is either homeless and therefore destitute, of fully capable of defending themselves. Attempting to burgle heavily armed and armored individuals must not have come up – we defeated them handily.

Locating the alchemical factory was a relatively simple task – dealing with the goblin patrol was less simple, as they had some sort of goblin dog with them as well. We approached and attacked, slaying them quickly without undue alarm being raised. We approached the building, and entered via a rear door.

It was well that we did – the goblins were waiting for us within. A raised series of ledges surrounded the tops of two large vats, and the beasts – armed with crossbows – quickly struck at us while simultaneously opening valves to let loose whatever alchemical reagents remained in the factory. We quickly made our way to the ladder, climbing out of the path of the flaming liquid flowing across the stone floor.

It was only after reaching the top of the ladder that I realized climbing out of flames is usually a losing proposition, but alas; additionally, the flames were somewhat secondary to the black sludge that was oozing beneath them – and causing even the stone itself some distress. Perhaps I should investigate that substance; the ability to dissolve rock would be a valuable commodity to sell within my shop as well.

With the goblins on the ledge dispatched, we ventured towards the office, where Whitechin itself no doubt waited for us. Marius boldly strode fowards and kicked the door in; perhaps he did not hear Finder suggesting that he search to ensure safety first.

Alas, a bucket of what appeared to be liquid darkness fell upon Marius, causing me to resort to my darkvision – a sure sign that my companions were now blind. Jezzie and Finder quickly entered the room, with Finder shouting out that a goblin and a rat-man of some sort were within. I entered the room, and immediately attacked the goblin, already reeling from wounds sustained from Finder.

After dispatching the beast, the rat-man (with a suspicious tuft of white fur under it’s chin) proved to be a difficult and elusive opponent, though its own attacks were flustered by Jezzie’s magical barrier of protection. After what seemed an eternity, Marius was finally able to deal some significant wounds to the beast – at which point, to my surprise, Whitechin fled!

Perhaps not so stupid, after all!

After Whitechin crashed through the office window into the flames below, Jezzie ran after him, floating serenely down into the flames (which promptly scorched her), and attempted to stop the beast. As I watched, I think she began to realize she had no plan for what to do if she caught the beast. The rat-man watched as she ran up to him, then bit her and ran off. I dislike seeing evil flee with naught that I can do to stop them.

Of greater concern was what to do with Jezzie – she was gravely wounded and wading through flaming alchemical reagents, and would surely not last long. As Marius made a final effort to apprehend Whitechin, I tried to bolster Jezzie – ultimately, I had to leap into the flames and attempt to get her clear, gravely wounding myself in the process. Ultimately, I was able to keep Jezzie and myself alive long enough for Finder to see our plight, come in, and carry Jezzie to safety.

As the alchemical concoction burned the building while melting the foundations, Finder rushed back inside to search for anything we may have missed during battle – he returned with a hefty trove of treasure, no doubt the ill-gotten gains of Whitechin and it’s pack. Included in the treasure was a vial of inky darkness – possibly the same concoction that Whitechin used upon Marius earlier. With that, we returned to our homes before nightfall.

24th day of Arodus, 4709 AR

The next morning, Jezzie was feeling worse, and as I inspected the bite wounds, it appeared she had contracted filth fever – again. As the day progressed however, it became clear that something was different – and in any event, we reached out to Areal to see if he knew more of disease than I did. To date, I have maintained a poor track record of keeping my companions free of disease!

The next day, we returned to the old temple of Aroden, and spoke with Areal. After telling him the tale about the rat-man Whitechin, and the bite wound, he expressed some concerns that the beast may have been a lycanthrope; dire news indeed! I set out to consult a sage about the options, at which point I learned that Jezzie had passed the window of easy cures, and in a short time would be completely beyond help entirely. The Church of Asmodeus presented one avenue of resolution – until Marius informed us that there were actually two paths there. First, the church could clean her of the curse (assuming she even had it; blast the girl for running into the flames after the beast!), and second, they could simply execute her.

Indeed, when the sage asked if I knew anyone who had been bitten, and admitted that I did, he expressed grave concerns and left in some haste. At least now I know why he was concerned! Nobody would want the Church of Asmodeus interfering with their lives. Well, generally nobody would.

A third option – to acquire and use Wolfsbane to cure the affliction – again, assuming she had it! – would not work, but perhaps there were ways to make it work, by enhancing the properties of Wolfsbane that would help cure the affliction. Finder acquired some Wolfsbane (at an exorbitant price), then Jezzie and I used my alchemical lab to distill it down and increase its potency. I used some of the tricks I know to enhance it’s power while removing it’s ability to be fatal – I hoped.

We returned to Areal, and Jezzie consumed the concoction; Within moments, she was unconscious on the floor, comatose for some time. Areal and myself both agreed that she would recover in time, and would likely require magical assistance to do so. While such power is beyond my reach, it is not beyond Areal’s, and he was willing to cast the magic for us.

While Jezzie was recovered, Areal and Janiven outlined the latest threat to Westcrown that they had uncovered; a group of bandits who called themselves the Bastards of Erebus. They described this group as a collection of Tieflings who loot various shops and residences, operating at night. Recently, they have escalated to murder, and are likely to strike again soon.

Areal and Janiven offered to assist us in our attack, and the Children of Westcrown would also be willing to participate with the attack, though the fact that they are completely untrained means that they will be of limited use, and highly vulnerable should they become involved in combat. Nonetheless, so long as they are all equipped with ranged weapons and given a vantage-point from which to pick off stragglers, I am confident that we can prevail!

This time, however, we shall plan and research first! Iomedae teaches, and I hope to be an apt pupil!

Thodin Almek Journal Entry 4

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