The Finder Journal Entry 5

Rova 12-13, 4709 AR

So, we had some down-time. “We”. I’ve gotta stop with that. I had some down-time, along with the rest of the Children, and the others I’ve been hanging around with. More on that later. Found out some very interesting tidbits about a number of things …

Anyway, Ursio Jeggare contacted us again, with another unofficial official job for the mayor. There’s nothing like having contacts like that – friends in high places, as it were, especially in Westcrown. So, pretty much no matter what the job was and how much it paid, I was in. Turns out shocked face that the mayor uses hidden tunnels to do some secret importing whenever he wants to avoid notice. Unfortunately, some uppity kobolds have started raiding those shipments, trying to make a name for themselves. “The Sewer Dragons”. Nice name. Very original. In any case, we were being hired to negotiate something with them, if possible, or make the problem just go away, if not. Killing them would only let someone else move in on that territory, so the negotiating route was the preferred one. We knew of a Taldan scholar, Emral Xarcious, who had tutored the chief’s children, so that would probably be a good place to start making our plan.

Ursio also wanted to send someone ELSE with us. That rang some alarm bells. Halak Rasdovian. That’s a MAJOR family in Westcrown. Great. Baggage. Some noble’s son wants to play adventurer. shrug Not my job to keep him alive.

As it turns out, I knew Emral Xarcious, and the problem with finding him was, well – he’d disappeared. Owed some money to a small-time bookie, Creeley Greeves. The bookie had set up shop in the Rego Cader. Emral was probably there, being worked over by the bookie. When we showed up on Greeves’ doorstep, we negotiated the sage’s release. Apparently, the Rasdovian kid had a sack of platinum pieces he was eager to start dishing out of. Hey, fine by me. Having money can be useful.

Xarcious was happy to be free of having the shit kicked out of him, but not enough to trust us entirely. We had to haggle with him to get the information we wanted, but we ended up with a good map of the sewers leading to the Dragons, and excellent information about them. Turns out the daughter of the chief, Yiddlepode or something, is probably reasonable enough to understand that they need to back off a bit, and that the mayor would be willing to come to some kind of arrangement with them. Apparently, she frequented the opera, disguised as a halfling. Interesting.

So, Rasdovian Jr. got us tickets. In his private box. Sweet. Not the first time I’ve been to one of these things, but the first time I’ve been in a box. Excellent food. The rich know how to live.
We found her, brought her over, and got her on-board with our plan. That plan being to kill the chief, her brother, and anyone else who stood in the way of her taking over. With her in place, the tribe would fall in line, and we could negotiate a truce.

Off we went to the Dragons’ lair, and that’s when bad things started happening. First, we were jumped by some guards in the middle of a trapped hallway. Fighting our way past that, we were jumped by an Otyugh. Hey, we’ve seen that thing before! No time for exchanging pleasantries, though, as then we were jumped by the chief, who, it turns out, is a powerful sorcerer. That fight really quickly turned into a shitstorm, as he just pounded the snot out of us with lightning and fire. Even with the rest of the kobolds standing back and watching the show, we just barely escaped with our hides. Anyway, Yiddlepode stepped up at the end to make sure everyone realized she was in charge now, preventing our immediate and bloody demise, and things went tickety-boo after that.

The morals of the story?
1. We have GOT to stop attacking things in their underground lairs, unless the dwarf can craft us all nightvision goggles, and everyone can be way more stealthy than they are.
2. This Halak is a pretty useful guy to have around – as long as that sack of platinum stays full.
3. Working for the mayor continues to be just a barrel of fun. This better be worth it.

The Finder Journal Entry 5

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