The Finder Journal Entry 4

Arodus 26-28, 4709 AR

I’m not a soldier. I don’t plan battles, or take part in them. I work alone. I stay in the shadows. I get out alive. It’s always been that way.

I should’ve known this whole “assault the Bastards in their lair” idea was a bad one. I DID know. So, why did I go along?

Was it for Janiven, or Arael? I’m getting to like Janiven, no question about it. She can get things done. But I don’t know her. And I don’t trust Arael. If I knew more about them, maybe things would be different. I’m working on it. But, we’re not there yet.

Was it for the Children? There’s a good reason I’m not learning their names – it’ll just make it harder when they’re all dead. There’s no place for hope in Westcrown, and that’s all these fools have. What hope is there for a better future here? No, they’re all going to die horrible deaths in battle, or under the lashes of the Hellknights. I’ll save those I can, but I’m certainly not putting my neck in a noose for any of them.

Was it for Jezzie, Thorin, and Marius? … I truly don’t know. I really hardly know any of them, still, and I wouldn’t have guessed that they’d be work associates. You couldn’t pick four more different people. Do any of them believe in the Children? In freeing Westcrown? Do I trust any of them? …

I went. I don’t know why. Revenge, maybe. It’s stupid to let emotions rule your actions. … I wish I hadn’t.

Like all plans, it didn’t survive first contact with the enemy. We took out the guard overseeing our line of advance with a well-placed volley, but we hadn’t counted on some guard dogs raising the alarm. After that, it was all one big shitstorm. I really don’t remember much – it seemed like they had spellcasters all over the place, and they nailed me a few times, right in the brain. Things got hazy after that. Plus, the whole thing was fought in pitch dark, so I was firing blind the whole time. No, not one part of it was good. … Well, except we killed every last one of them we could find.

Cleaning up, we found some information relating the Bastards to some “Council”. Hmm. Haven’t heard of them before. Some new hidden power in Westcrown? This will HAVE to be looked into. That kind of information is pure gold, to any number of parties. Once my wounds have healed, of course.

The Finder Journal Entry 4

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