The Finder Journal Entry 3

Moonday, Arodus 20 – Starday, Arodus 25 4709 AR

Managed to convince Candor that we were telling some facsimile of the truth. A minor miracle. Seemed very appreciative. Maybe we’ll get something out of helping him, in the end. I’m going to have enough for a new bow, soon, and maybe he can return the favour.

Rested for a few days, recovering from the fun of the last few days. Imps should stay in hell.

Had a small bag of gold delivered, courtesy of Bluehood. Interesting. Slaying shadow beasts may become a growth industry. Still much to find out about her. Like, anything, anything at all. Is she keen on killing shadow beasts? Trying to get adventurous groups like ourselves killed? Keeping tabs on us? Not enough time in the day to find out everything I need to. I’m slipping. And taking too many risks.

No sooner had that happened, but the mayor’s aide, Ursio Jeggare contacted us to ask our help with some unofficial business. Well, he contacted the others – they must be attracting attention. I’m heartened that my identity remains mysterious, or unknown. It seems a bunch of goblins have been operating out of the Rego Cader, raiding into the city to kidnap and steal. Led by some fellow named Whitechin, and based in an old ruined alchemical factory. Was willing to pay a hefty sum for us to go in and eliminate the threat without implicating the mayor. Who am I to turn down a good job offer? We accepted.

There I go saying “we” again. Well, the job was offered to all of us, and I likely can’t do it myself, not that I was asked. Seems the four of us have a broad set of skills. I’m still not sure about the two religious folk – you never can be sure of them. But, the Brightgaze girl is smart, and handy with her arcane arts. Maybe there’s something to hanging with a pack, rather than being on your own. … Then again, maybe not. Time will tell.

Jezzie spent another day recuperating, while the rest of us scouted the Rego Cader. Lots of ways in, for someone competent. For us, as a group? Not so many. These lads aren’t sneaky, in the slightest. Loud and shiny, more like. Looks like the best way in will be from outside the city, over the wall. Not breaking any laws that way, harder to track, less likelihood of being seen.

We go over the wall on Oathday, the 23rd. Once in the city, we’re accosted by a small gang of Tieflings. The Bastards of Erebus? Anyway, they’re greedy and stupid, but tough, but the four of us put a beating on ‘em. They’ve got decent gear, which we nip. I’ll put one of these crossbows to use tomorrow. The Bastards are gonna have to be dealt with, sometime – getting too big for their britches. We spend some time poking around the ruins, then find the factory we’re looking for. We hole up for the night, to make sure we have all our faculties about us.

At dawn, we assault.

A patrol of two goblins and a goblin dog are quickly dispatched. We find a back entrance, and rather than rush the front one, we decide to get the jump on them from the rear. Good thing, too – when we open the backdoor, we see they have the front gate properly covered. We’d have been plastered. As it is, we rush ‘em. Move and fire, move and fire. They’re all up above, on a catwalk, and we drop some with covering fire while Marius, our big melee man, gets to a ladder and starts climbing. Meanwhile, the goblins open up some vats and the floor is quickly flooded with alchemical goop of various propertied – none of it enjoyable to stand in, in the slightest.

After a minute or so, we’re all up off the now-burning floor, and the riff-raff have been dispatched. There’s an office in one corner of the second floor, and that’s likely where we’ll find Whitechin. We move over tactically, but before I can search the door, Marius barges in, triggering a trap – a bucket drops from overhead, covering him in some kind of goo that radiates darkness. I push past him until I can see the room, and there he is. But, Whitechin isn’t a goblin – he’s a Wererat. And he has a goblin sorceror friend. Damn. If I’d known, I’d have brought some silver. As it is, he’s gonna be tough to kill. But, his goblin friend is soft and squishy, and I put a javelin in him as the rest of my friends rush in.

The next couple of minutes are spent with us futilely trying to damage the Wererat to any significant degree, and him trying to deal with the four of us, but not having much success. The goblin doesn’t last ten seconds. Marius spends some time scraping the goo off himself, and joins the fray. But, it’s pretty clear that Whitechin doesn’t have the muscle to take us all out himself, and we’re copper and silvering him down, bit by bit.

Finally, he’s had enough, and he dives out a back office window to the floor below, then makes for the backdoor. We give chase, with people frantically diving down, sliding down ladders, shooting from above. Somehow, in the chaos, Jezzie gets right up to him and actually tries to tackle him. It’s brave, but foolhardy, and Whitechin makes her pay with a good nip to her side. Whoa-oh. Did she get bitten? She collapses to the floor, which is still burning. I make it outside just in time to catch him … but I don’t think my luck in tackling this big guy’s gonna be any better, and I keep my glaive between the two of us. As he runs away, I swipe at him one last time – but I’m on my back foot, keeping him at arm’s length, and miss, badly. He runs off, into the distance. Well, we’ve neutralized his little setup, anyway. That should be good enough.

Back inside, I see Jezzie is unconscious on the burning floor, and Thodin is lying beside her, trying to use his healing magic. With a last glance at the fleeing Whitechin, I turn and dash back into the burning factory, heft up Jezzie, and run back outside.

But, the building can’t wait – it’s old, and the fire is gonna bring it down. I use my grappling hook and rope to get back up to the second story window, back along the catwalk, and into the office. I loot the now-dead goblin, and find a safe, but the lock is a joke, and I’m shortly emptying its contents into my sack. Lickety-split, I’m back out and down the rope, none the worse for wear. Shortly after that, the building gives up the ghost and comes down. Well. That should put a crimp in Whitechin’s operations. Jezzie looks pale, and we’re all concerned. Her bite wound doesn’t look good. Shit. This’ll be worse than the filth fever. LOTS worse.

We head back into the city, put a note on the town board to the effect that we’ve done what we were hired to do, then hunker down at Brightgaze’s house to figure out how to help her. None of the options are very palatable. We’ve only got a few days before she’ll be fully diseased. All the cures are quite expensive. But, it seems Thodin and Jezzie have some knowledge of alchemy, and they begin researching a cheaper cure.

I’m dubious about their chances of success, and secretly get a message to Arael, indicating that Jezzie needs help. Marius huffs and looks grim. He indicates that, rather than let her be turned into a lycanthrope, he’ll turn her in to the local Church of Asmodeus. ?! Like hell, he will. I decide, if the time comes, I’m not gonna let that happen, and we’ll see where the chips fall.

That night, we have dinner with the mayor’s aide again, and he’s disappointed that we didn’t kill Whitechin. Hmph. Maybe he should have told us everything he knows. We settle on a sum, and business is concluded.

Arael gets a note to us the next morning, asking to meet at the Temple of Aroden. Jezzie and Thodin decide to wait to try their concoction until we’re there – maybe Arael can help us without unduly risking her life. Unfortunately, he’s as perplexed as us about helping her condition. Still, it’s good to have him there. I guess. Janiven’s along for the ride, too.

They get down to administering the potion, and right away we can tell it’s not going well for Jezzie. She immediately goes downhill, her very life-force being drained. Within a couple of minutes, it’s over – she’s comatose. But, inspecting the wound over the next little while reveals that the stuff has done what it was designed to do – kill the lycanthropy. Well, that’s something – if she lives, she’ll be fine.

The rest of us sit down with Arael, and he lays out the next little task he has for the Children. Apparently, he’s as pissed about the Bastards of Erebus as we are, and he knows where their base of operations is. Oh, great – another assault mission in the Rego Cader. We’re getting good at those.

I consider upping my fee.

The Finder Journal Entry 3

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