Marius Baradin Journal Entry 6

Rova 10-11, 4709 AR

I have come down with fever from the events of the last couple of days, and I have resolved to avoid entering anymore of this city’s abandoned sewer systems for as long as possible…

Two days ago, our group were once again approached by the mayor’s aide, Ursio Jeggare. Jezzie had still not been feeling well as of late, and decided to decline any rigorous activity for the next few days. We met once again at the Four Dragon Inn, where Ursio invited us to join him to a meal. He is clearly a master manipulator, smiling all the time while he discussed his latest request on behalf of the mayor. Ursio told us of a group of discreet tunnels that the mayor has been using to move supplies in an out of the city…a piece of information that already set me on edge. My questions to discover the exact nature of the mayor’s cargo was hidden from me, as Ursio skillfully dodged the question. His true intention was to ask us to deal with a group of kobolds, known as the Sewer Dragons, that were waylaying the mayor’s shipments, preferably with diplomacy in order to avoid causing a power vacuum from occurring if we were to slaughter the kobold’s. I suppose the dealing with the metaphorical devil that you know makes sense, though negotiating rights with vermin continues to make me question just what other deals the mayor has been making…He and his lacky smell of corruption, and I will find it.

However, our group accepted his task. He gave us the name of a Taldor sage, Emral Xarcious, who had ties with the kobold tribe, apparently having taught the chieftain’s children how to read and write the common tongue. Along with the information though, he informed us that we would be responsible for taking along a minor noble whom the mayor has asked Ursio to find some use for: Halak Rasdovian. The last name rung somewhat familiar; though I confess to not knowing enough about the royal houses of Cheliax, but I seem to recall House Rasdovian them some ties with House Arvanxi. Still, I was not impressed about having to keep some rice runt alive for the mayor.

We met up with Halak at one of the notice board’s of the city. His first impression was unimpressive; A bookish looking man, Halak looked like he was playing at being an adventure, with brand new gear that had clearly never been scuffed by actual combat. I suppose I could not have expected more. He was polite enough however, and since we had little choice, we banded together to track down the sage.

Not surprisingly, Fin’s ability to acquire knowledge quickly paid off, having been able to narrow the sage’s moneylender, a rat of a man named Creeley Greeves, who ran his business out of an abandoned watch tower in the northern ruins. We tracked down Creeley, who as it turned out had Emral in his possession the whole time. As we negotiated the sage’s release, the young Rasdovian noble stepped forward, and threw a bag of platinum on the floor, declaring that he would purchase the sage’s debt from the moneylender. Clearly Halak had no lack of coin on him. We were fortunate that the moneylender and his thugs were not more greedy; they quickly grabbed the coins and left the building. Watching more lawless heathen’s run free has begun to make my blood boil…how long will I have to tolerate letting criminals go before I can bring them to proper justice. The sage seemed hesitant to provide us the information we needed, seeming to dislike the idea of being owned as a slave. Halak attempted to assure him that he could provide the sage with proper employment within the house, but Emral seemed unwilling to give us the information we needed unless Halak released him from fealty. Hesitantly, the Rasdovian noble agreed, knowing that we needed this information more then his family needed more slaves.

The sage informed us of the kobold’s main encampment, located under the sewers of Rego Cader, relatively close to our current position. The man also gave us some knowledge about the chieftain’s daughter; Yiddlepode, a sorcerer, would likely be the next to succeed her father, Kibizax, who seemed to have gone quite mad with power, which correlated into him attacking the mayor’s underground caravans. He seemed to believe that she could be negotiated with, if we could find a way to talk to her. Fortunately, he also knew that she had a weakness for Cheliaxian opera. We escorted Emral from the abandonned ruins, though not before we seemed to also pick up a new companion: During our conversation with the sage, Fin had taken time to scope up the area, and had found Creeley’s dog, whom he’d abandoned. The dog seemed to have taken a liking to the half-elf, and now followed along his new master as we walked back towards Westcrown proper.

Staking out some of the lesser known opera’s, assuming that kobold would not want to draw too much attention to herself, Halak once again proved resourceful, using his ability to detect magical auras to locate the kobold sorceress, concealed as a kobold, heading into one of the theatres. We attempted to reach her before she entered, but there was too many people blocking our way to allow us to remain inconspicuous. The doorman stopped us as we approached the front door, asking to see our tickets. Halak stepped forward and was instantly recognized by the doorman, who let us through to a private box that House Rasdovian had at the theatre. It seemed that fate was determined to make this man invaluable to us.

We sat and enjoyed the comforts of the rich for a while, enjoying some expensive brandy while watching the show unfold. I could not truly enjoy the experience, as my mind was on our task at hand, as well as the rumors that we had heard that this particular play was using fake blood, instead of sacrificing the actor as true Chelaxian opera was known for. Halak ordered one of the servants attending us to invite the “halfling” to discuss matters with us. She accepted our invitation, to which a discussion with heavy innuendo began, as we attempted to protect her secret. Under the veil of our conversation, she agreed to negotiate with the mayor if her father were removed from his current position. She would not be able to help us however, in case we failed to stop him. We parted ways, allowing her to enjoy the rest of the opera, as we planned our assault for the next day.

Back into Rego Cader we went, following the sage’s directions to the Sewer Dragon’s lair. We knew the kobold’s would be able to see us approaching from quite distance, as we required light in order to allow all of us to navigate the sewers properly. We stumbled upon the entrance of their lair almost by accident, as the Finder took an arrow near his legs, covering him in some kind of gelatinous goo that slowed his movement. I braced myself behind my shiled, hoping to avoid a similar fate as I came around the corner as well, but the damn little creatures were deadly with their aim, covering me as well. As quickly as I could I attempted to advance on their position, but they continued to pelt us with the vicious arrows as we approached. Almost having reached them, they released a deadly boulder towards us. I was forced to dive into the nasty sewer water in the middle of the tunnel, but the boulder still crushed part of my hand as I dove under. Still, through the pain I continued to advance, barely noticing how hard a time my companions were having. Fin’s arrows flew past me, continually missing their mark until fortunately, one of the kobold’s stuck his head too far out from his cover, and took an arrow directly in the shoulder. The kobolds, having not deterred us, chose to flee like vermin, down into a small shaft, closing it behind them with a metal grate. I grabbed the metal grate and through sheer determination, ripped it from its hinges, while Thodin healed our wounds. Trying to stop them from getting to far ahead of us, we ascended down into the hatch, though not before I laid one of Asmodeus’ blessings upon myself, to slowly heal my wounds during our pursuit.

What we found down there was the stuff of nightmares. Flailing tentacles and barbed teeth greeted us in the form of an Otylugh…one that looked very similar to the one we’d avoided when we first escaped the Order of the Rack back at the Four Dragon Inn. I threw myself towards it before it could assault my other companions, it’s tentacles encircling my torso and crushing my rips as I swung at it with my bastard sword. Meanwhile, the kobold’s who’d escaped us had saw our predicament, and began firing on us anew from behind another locked gate. The finder laid down more arrows, eventually putting one of the wretches down. Meanwhile, I could feel unconsciousness overtaking me as the beast began to bit me with it’s infectious maw. I awoke only a moment later, Asmodeus’ blessing bringing me back, and a quickly stabbed the beast from the ground as Fin let loose another arrow, killing the cursed thing.

Again, we pursued the last remaining kobold archer, breaching the gate and following a stairwell covered in traps. Most of the kobolds had fled, taking many of their items with them. We continued to explore the lair until we at least game upon an a great theatre, where upon stage stood the chieftain, cackling like a madman as he immediately hurled a bolt of lightning, burning all of us. Halak collapsed into a heap on the floor, smoldering, as the rest of us tried to split apart to avoid being caught in the same blast again…I ran as fast as I could towards the chieftain, running towards the top of the stage as he rained streaks of flames down upon Fin, who was firing his arrows as quickly as he could. Once again, Thodin used his healing magic to bring Halak back to consciousness. The clever little beast rained another lightning bolt down upon me, hoping to kill me off before I got to the top of the stage. Somehow…I survived the magical onslaught, slaying the kobold chiftain with a mighty blow.

As I struck him, a flash of lightning came out of nowhere to strike him, as the chieftains daughter magically appeared beside him. Claiming her rightful place as the new leader of the kobolds, we made the appearance of surrender to her, so that she would not lose face in front of her new followers. Happy that our time was complete in the sewer, I still could not help but feel ill, as I know stared down at the festering wound that the Otylugh had left upon my arm…

Marius Baradin Journal Entry 6

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