Jezzie's Tale - Part 3

Starday, Arodus 18

Arael, Thodin and myself travel back to town. The rest coming in separately so as not to draw attention. Once inside the city we gathered up and headed back to Jacovo’s, Gorvio‚Äôs Uncle, to return the horses. As we were nearing his barn, I could hear this loud whining of a man complaining about his lack of horses. As we turn the corner, low and behold it was that pig faced, waste of skin, no talent hack Thesing Umbero Ulvauno. I cringed. I would rather do battle with dragons then be in his presence. Once he spied us returning with the horses his attention and his very loud and large mouth, turned our way. He was spouting some jibberish of needing the horses for some failure of a performance he will be attempting tonight. I rolled my eyes at mention of this and he zeroed in on me. Suddenly the insults start rolling from his tongue on everything about me from my appearance to the death of my father. That was the last straw I was about to loose flame in his face but luckily, for him at least, Marius and Thodin stepped in and soothed him over and held me back in the same moment. During their brief conversation Marius discovers that Thesing is a patron of House Thrune and what made me want to vomit was the fact that everyone seemed to be kissing his ass and placating him. Well everyone but Finn, he kept to himself and watched. Marius and Thodin’s ass kissing seemed to pay off because Thesing decided to give them tickets for the show later tonight. Not that I wanted to go, but they apparently felt it was important to have him on our side.

After that complete waste of time, as far as I’m concerned, we headed back to the temple. Once there Arael gave formal introductions to everyone. Marius and Arael seemed to have made amends which was good. I always like it when everyone gets along. It was at this time that we handed over the note, about the Bastards of Erebus, we had found during Arael’s rescue to Janiven. She thanked us for our service and paid everyone 100gp. Both Janiven and Arael felt it was best for everyone to lie low for awhile. We all agreed and decided to head to the market to sell our loot.

Marius did most of the talking and haggling, in the end we each got 33gp and 12cp. My little fortune was at 215gp and 12cp. Since some of us finally had a decent amount of money and knew we would be staying in Westcrown for awhile, we decided to go house hunting. We needed a base of operations or at least a place to stay while we were trying to lay low. I found a nice little house, 483 Fountain Lane in the good part of town, only costing me 10gp a month. I couldn’t believe my luck. I had hoped the others found good deals as well.

Once everyone had accommodations set up we decided to pay Jan Candor a visit. When we were there we informed him about all we had learned during our ventures in the sewers. Jan had no idea why some imps would want anything to do with him or his shop. He gave his permission for us to search his shop floor, but refused us access to his upstairs and basement. He was still weary of us and our story must have seemed a little far fetched to him. I could understand why he was so cautious, but we did only want to help him and he was making that most difficult. We didn’t find anything of much interest, he had no magical items or weapons to speak of. Everything was standard quality. Why would imps want this? Stumped we decided to leave the poor man in peace, he was getting quite flustered with Finn, and head down the street to the Inn. We planned to stake him out and see if we could catch the imps in the act.

It was during this night that Finn saw a light go on upstairs then go through all the rooms, even the ones downstairs, and then go back up and turn off. Thankfully I finally got another good nights sleep, spells can be so draining.

Sunday, Arodus 19

So Finn told us all what he had witnessed during the night. We decided to go to Jan’s place and see if anything was amiss. While still outside I cast a Detect Magic spell so as not to alarmed Jan and kept it up until we were inside where I could scan the rooms and see if I could pick up any magical auras. I discovered a magical aura on one wall. I failed to identify the school of magic or spell used. Finn and myself also noticed that some swords had gone missing but the thief had removed and replaced all remaining swords for it to appear as tho none were missing. We had the genius idea of using some chalk to subtly mark where each weapon was so that if more went missing we would have proof to show Jan. He agreed to this plan. Once finished we took our leave and prepared ourselves for the nights events. We had planned on Shadow Beast Hunting while keeping an eye on Jan’s place for our thief.

It was as we were patrolling that bad luck fell upon us and we came across a Dottari patrol. It was either jail or pay a bribe, thankfully I hit the right number and they accepted our bribe of 25gp. I gladly paid it to continue on our way. It was briefly after this that Finn stumbled upon a swarm of rats that came up out of the sewers. Immediately I cast Burning Hands and burned as many as I could, between my spell and the others we managed to kill them all before they reached us.

We were almost done our first pass when I suddenly got jumped from behind by a Shadow Beast. It clawed at me, its poison tipped claws ripping into my flesh. I felt light headed and weak. After its second attack on me I was lying unconscious at its feet. Thodin came to my rescue as Marius and Finn handily took care of the monster. We noticed that the beast was slowly shrinking and raced to get it back to the notorious Bluehood for payment.

We barely made it back in time to Jan’s. We watched from outside and saw as Jan came down the stairs and mechanically took down a sword and a mace. Suddenly a portal appeared on the wall where I noticed the lingering aura. It was at this time we thought it prudent to enter the shop and try to stop what was going on. As we got the door open and stepped inside we witnessed Jan throwing the sword towards the portal and it swallowing it up. We moved to stop him and I was attacked by one of the imps. He hit me with his poisoned tail. I felt the poison work its way through my body and felt as my reflexes slowed and my body stop responding to my brain. I tried to use a Shock Grasp spell on him but was missing horribly. I finally was able to Daze him to some effect. My Burning Hands spell had zero effect on him as he seemed to be immune. Marius finally was able to chop him down by sword.

When the imp died, his body disappeared. The portal vanished. Jan suddenly woke up from his dream walking. He blinked, turned to us and said “What are you doing in my shop at night?!?”

Jezzie's Tale - Part 3

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