Jezzie's Tale - Part 2

Fireday, Ardous 17

After Thodin tended to Marius’ wounds and we had a moments rest to sit down and have a drink, we started to discuss what to do next. It was suggested that even though we are low on resources and tired, it was best to get out of the sewers and in doors before dark fell. It was not safe to stay here. So we gathered up our things and moved on, hopefully to our destination.

At the next intersection we came upon three skeletons that had just finished taking down three Hellknight Armingers. There was no turning back as they took noticed and moved toward us. Marius bravely took the front line with Thodin at his side, allowing me to stay safely behind them. I drew a scroll and cast a Burning Hands spell on all three skeletons, most of my other magic again useless with the undead. In the next moment a javelin came whizzing out of the darkness to strike a skeleton and chip its bone, and I noticed a faint light in the distance on the other side of the fray. We seemed to have found an ally.

A few moments later between us and the mystery friend we had defeated the enemy. We approached each other cautiously, our weapons still drawn. Marius called out “What is your name and are thee friend or foe?”

“I am called The Finder, and I am paid to locate you and take you safely out of the sewers.” he replied while he approached us and sheathed his weapons.

“Well then I gladly welcome you and willing follow your lead sir” I said as relief washed over me. I was convinced we were lost and terrified of never leaving these blasted sewers. After brief introductions and a summary of what had transpired from the Inn to now, The Finder suggested going back to the previous intersection to double check and make sure we are on the right path to the safe house. There was some resistance from Thodin and Marius, but I was in agreement with The Finder.

After doing some backtracking we came upon our last intersection. The Finder began to rummage around and came up with the mark we had missed and informed us that we had indeed been going in the wrong direction. So we set off, letting Finder take the lead.

He lead us down a fairly long tunnel and about half way down he noticed a crack in the wall where he raised his hand and motioned for us to stop and be quiet. He leaned in to peer through the crack and listen to the other side. He waved me over, and whispered quietly to me what he saw, giving me a vague description. After a moment’s thought, my best guess were Imps of some sort. Luckily for us The Finder spoke Infernal and was able to eavesdrop. We learned of a local merchant named Jan Candor, and of the Imps plan to overthrow and take control of his enterprise without his knowledge. We decided it was best to pass quietly and investigate this information at a later date.

The Finder lead us down more and more corridors and through more and more intersections. Every time finding the marks with ease. Down one particular hallway we came upon an iron door, thinking we had found our way out, we stopped to search for marks. As myself and Finn, the new nickname I recently gave The Finder, looked at the door, we were attacked from the darkness! Thodin and Marius both fell to the floor after the first barrage of arrows came flying in. I immediately dropped to the floor and rummaged around my bag to draw out potions of healing. As soon as I could I poured a potion down Thodin’s gullet. It didn’t seem to be enough as he still lay lifeless in front of me. I dumped yet another down his throat screaming at him “GOOD GODS MAN, get up and fix this!” I barely noticed out of the corner of my eye, Finn doing the same thing with Marius, giving him potions to get him on his feet. I managed to get off a few spells before being knocked unconscious and then later being awoken to Finn administering a potion to myself. We had barely escaped with our lives and our resources were now scarce. We had to get out, and get out soon.

Thankfully it was only a few more intersections and we came upon a rusty ladder leading up to a manhole. When we exited the sewers we found ourselves in an alleyway behind the abandoned temple of Aroden. Finn directed us to what seemed to be a boarded up door that would lead into the temple, “That’s the safe house. My job is done and I must go my own way. Good luck to you.” and then turns to leave. I stop him with a touch on his arm and ask to speak to him in private. He is obviously a talented tracker and someone I could use to find Samson. I inquire about his services and offer to pay for any and all information he may find in regards to Samson Steelcoin. Finn agreed and with a nod walked off into the dusk.

The rest of us gain entry into the safe house where we are allowed to bathe, rest and await Janiven’s return. An hour or so, by my guessing, passes before Janiven returns with Finn in tow. She feels he would make a handy addition to our little band. On seeing Finn again, he looked pale and weak. A state I must admit that I felt as well. We both decide to go and talk with Thodin about our condition. After examining us both, he diagnosed us with Filth Fever and said he would keep a sharp eye on us for any more progressing symptoms of the disease.

Janiven then sits down with us and we discuss exactly what is going on and what her plans are for the future. Once we all agreed to help her help Westcrown, she introduced us to the others. Fatigue was setting in and names were blurring together, but I tried my best to smile and greet each person as best as I could. Everyone was so excited about us joining their cause and they were asking our opinions on what we should call ourselves. I was barely conscious and practically falling asleep where I stood as names were tossed about, but I do remember that the name which was finally chosen was Children of Westcrown.

I gave a small yawn and wandered off to find a bed at this point. My eyes no longer allowing me to keep them open. I curled up on a straw mattress behind a linen sheath and pulled the wool blanket over me. Warm and snug I drifted off to the low hum of voices.

Starday, Ardous 18

I awoke to Janiven shaking my shoulder. It was the crack of dawn and I did not want to get up. She gathered us all together and shared a new discovery. She claimed that Arael will be moved to Citadel Rivad by the Hellknights of the Rack. She planned to ambush them on their way and rescue Arael. Janiven shared her plan and asked for our help with the ambush. We readily agreed and starting to outline our plan when Thodin asked if Janiven would join us on our part of the ambush and let Gorvio lead the charge on horseback to draw away the mounted Hellknights. Janiven insisted that she needed to be with the others, her experience key to their own part in the ambush. After we had ironed out our plan, Finn and I went out to purchase extra potions of healing. We had used up a fair amount of our supply and thought it important to stock back up. Once we had returned, we headed out to the spot along the road that we thought best suited our needs.

We arrived in plenty of time to scout out and pick our spots. Thodin and Marius chose spots on the other side of the road from Finn and myself. Finn had also purchased some caltrops and placed them in front of us as we hid behind a large boulder. We waited patiently. Not much time had passed and we could hear faint hoof beats down the road. They were almost in place when Janiven and her party came over the hill and shot some arrows to grab their attention. Like we had predicted, the mounted Hellknights turned to pursue them as they ran away. The remaining force continued on, confident in their fellows abilities to deal with that rabble. It was at this time that Finn decided to move around the boulder to get a better angle for his javelin, when a twig snapped beneath his foot. The Hellknights froze. Suddenly, the large man on top of the wagon next to a mounted heavy crossbow spotted Finn. “There!” he shouted and pointed towards Finn, “Get them!” Battle ensued. Three of the Armingers headed our way, while others slowly climbed down from the wagon. Two of them charged and attacked Finn, he fought valiantly but fell non the less. I tried my best to help him with a burning hands spell, but all three converged on me and knocked me out.

Thodin’s blessed healing brought me back to consciousnesses, they had managed to defeat our foe and rescue Arael. Marius and Arael seemed to have gotten off on the wrong foot, they were arguing and Arael decided to find his own way back to town instead of traveling with Marius. I did not want to lose Arael’s friendship so I joined him on his way back to town and tried to smooth things over. We made it back in one piece to the safe-house and met up again with Thodin, Marius, Finn, Janiven and the rest of the Children of Westcrown. Everyone was accounted for and safe. So far so good, but tomorrow is another day with plenty more to come our way I’m sure.

Jezzie's Tale - Part 2

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