Jezzies Tale - Part 1

Oathday, Arodus 16

Today I had an interesting encounter. I was with my street troupe and had just finished a show for the children when a very attractive woman with short, almost boyish, auburn hair approached me. She introduced herself as Janiven. She said she had located some information regarding Samson Steelcoin and wished to pass this along to me if I would only join her tomorrow for an early dinner at her inn. I was slightly taken aback as I did not know this woman and wondered how she knew about my quest. I of course agreed. I could not pass up the opportunity to gather any information she might have. I would just have to do a little research on her myself before going.

After she left I took my leave and went in search of one of my local contacts, Valberus. He was a small time information broker, but I was slowly working my way up the ladder to bigger fish with better information. I was still new in town and not many trusted me yet. Val luckily had a lot to tell me about Janiven. She was a bodyguard and a very capable woman. Some think of her as stern, so stern that she can be consider somewhat a bully. Val even told me a tale of her dragging her charge out of a bawdy house to keep with his schedule. He lead me to believe she was a woman who could be trusted with what she said. This caused my hopes to rise for the information she would have for me. Tonight will hardly bring me rest. I must know what she knows.

Fireday, Arodus 17

Today was the day that I met with Janiven. I was so eager that I arrived a whole hour earlier then our appointed time. She was surprised but invited me in non the less. She was busy with cleaning, cooking and repairs on the Inn, so I just sat at the table in the corner and studied her and the establishment. I found her to be quite intelligent and in control. Her employees followed her every word and with respect. I grew to like her even more.

After about twenty or so minutes there was a knock at the door. Janiven went to answer it and came back with a tall man and dwarf in tow. She waved them over to my direction, quickly making their way over for introductions. Thodin Almek was the first to introduce himself. He was a dwarf priest of Iomedae and has lived in Westcrown for most if not all of his life. Next was Marius Baradin, a weapon master who had recently come to town looking for work. Of course Thodin recognized the Brightgaze name and asked if I was indeed “that Brightgaze”? I of course could not lie and admitted that I was. I also included a few more details like the fact my father was murdered and it was no “accident”. Marius offered to help track down my father’s murderer and bring him to justice with me, I of course accepted. His strong arm could definitely be of use.

Janiven finally joined us and as we ate and drank, began to truly explain why she had brought us all here together. She and her companion Arael are true believers in protecting those who can not protect themselves. They want to form a company of citizens to help restore the city of Westcrown and free it from it’s captivity of fear and corrupt government. They wanted the removal of the Council of Thieves. Marius and Thodin both had a lot to say and many questions that needed answers. As they discussed this Thodin and I both noticed Janiven’s increased anxiety. When asked about it, she mentioned that Arael was suppose to have joined us and had yet to come. She dismissed it, thinking of him only being held up. But that rose the hairs on the back of my neck and warned me that something was amiss.

Briefly after discovering Arael’s absence, a scrawny boy banged on the Inn’s door. His name was Morosino and informed Janiven that Arael had been taken into custody by the City Guard and that the Hellknights were on their way here for her. She leap up and quickly locked and barred the door. She ushered us quickly into the backroom. I immediately started looking for a trapdoor into the basement or some sort of route for escape. Janiven threw back a rug and pulled up a trap door in the floor. “Down you go, quick!” she yelled and she started to move furniture in front of the door. My heart hammering and with no hesitation I dropped down into the darkness.

Marius jumped down next, thankfully he rummaged around and pulled out a torch. I cast a quick cantrip to light it and the fire lit up the room. Thodin and Janiven came down next and as soon as Janiven’s feet hit the ground she was up and moving. A few feet away near some crates she pulled out a hidden sack. Inside she doled out some supplies. She gave each of us three potions of cure light wounds and other various items of use. Once she finished she tossed the sack aside and looked to the walls where she found the marking she was looking for that would lead us in the right direction. At every intersection there was a similar mark that she would look for. As we fled through the sewers, we could hear the metal boots echo behind us, I swear they were getting closer. I guess I wasn’t the only one because at the next intersection Janiven suggested we split up. She would make noise and lead them the other way as we made our escape. We knew what marks to look for that would lead us to the safe-house and she would meet us there afterward. Marius thought this was a great idea and even gave her his shovel to help create the distraction and off she ran.

The three of us followed the path and came to our next intersection, found the mark and carried on. But it was at the very next that we could not locate the symbol. As hard as we looked we feared to tarry too long and ended up just picking a way. At this tunnels end again we found no mark, and I started fear that we might lose our way. Thodin wanted to just keep going and guess our way around. I was not about to let myself get lost for sure, I suggested going back to the original intersection and going the only other path left, there had to be a mark at that intersection. Marius thankfully agreed with me and we won the vote. Unfortunately back at the intersection we left, there now were Hellknights looking for us. They had yet to notice us and Thodin and Marius wanted to go back and take our chances are being lost instead of dealing with our little problem. I was not about to go get lost in the sewers of Westcrown. I argued that we could just move away and hide and wait them out, or take them out. Apparently our voices got a little too loud because suddenly they stopped arguing and looked our way. Without a second to lose Marius surged forward to keep them at bay and strike with his blade. Thodin was just behind him but could not attack them without being knee deep in sewage. Understandable so, he turned to me and asked “May I borrow that nice long spear of yours Lass?” I nodded and handed it over. I didn’t need it anyways for what I wanted to do. As they stabbed and slashed I stood back and cast a hex or two, a spell here and a spell there. The Elements were with me as my spells seemed very effective in hindering them so Marius and Thodin could easily take them down. Once these Hellknights, or so I thought them to be until explained to me by Marius they were only initiates, were taken care of, we carried on.

As we journeyed through the sewers following the marks to the best of our abilities, we came across a beast guarding some kind of magical light. I was curious as to what the light was or what riches said beast was guarding. But Thodin and Marius would have none of it and ushered me along and sending up prayers that the beast didn’t attack.

Our plight was not yet over as soon after, with Thodin was leading the way, we reached a narrowing of the passage. We had to squeeze to the side and try our best to balance on the thin walkway to stay our of the sewage. I hit a particularly slippery spot and fell into the sewage. I gasped and sputtered as this nasty fluid got into my mouth. I swear I could feel the filth seep into my pores. Thodin kindly helped me out and passed me water to rinse out my mouth. He lead the way into the next room a few feet away, where a spurt of oozing globules erupted all over himself and Marius. These tiny oozes crawled all over them and bit them repeatedly. I panicked and cast a quick spell of burning hands to try and burn them off, hoping the damage I did to Thodin and Marius would outweigh the continued damage the oozes would do. Poor Thodin fell to the ground, the wounds too much for him and I rushed over quickly to pour a potion down his throat. Thankfully he awoke and was able to heal himself fully.

As we continued on, it was in a long tunnel that I felt an arrow come whizzing past my shoulder and turned to see a Goblin squeak “Eeek” and run off into the darkness. As we went to chase after him, we realized he had too much of a head start and turned back. It was shortly after that, that we encountered these gigantic mushrooms with a magical glow. As we approached to study them further, they suddenly emitted this high pitched squealing noise that echoed off the walls and filled the room with deafening noise. This drew other Goblins to our location, knowing there was prey to be had. Thankfully with our combined talents we managed to slay these foul beasts and leave the noisy room with haste.

Again we found our marked path and continued on. It lead us towards a barred door with no other apparent exit. Thodin did a search and luckily found a secret door. Marius opened it up and as we stepped inside, this foul stench assaulted our senses. Four shambling bodies of decay rose up and attacked us. My spells were useless against these creatures, for the undead have no minds to effect. Thankfully Marius’ steel and Thodin holy power were enough to send them back to the grave.

Tired, dirty and frustrated and possibly lost we stopped here in this secret room for a rest. Not sure if we were on the right path to the safe-house anymore and questioning ourselves on what to do next.

Jezzies Tale - Part 1

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