Character Creation Guidlines

Valid Sources


  • Only races from the Core Rulebook are permitted
  • Alternate Class options from the Advanced Players Guide are legal for all classes.
Point Buy
  • Characters will be made for a “High Fantasy” campaign (20 points)
  • Use the Point Buy method found on page 16 (Tables 1-1 and 1-2 in the Core Rulebook)
Starting Gold
  • Use the average value for your character class found on page 140 (table 6-1)
Backgrounds and Documentation
  • Players are encouraged to write a background for each character
  • If submitted before the campaign starts, characters may choose character traits (See below)
  • Backgrounds should incorporate character traits selected for your character
  • Additional XP rewards will be handed out for timely character journals, documents, plot hooks, etc (Basically anything that helps the DM with the campaign)
  • Documents must be placed on the Obsidian Portal wiki (or emailed directly if private information)
Character Traits
  • Players are allowed to add two traits during character creation if a background was submitted
  • One must come from the Council of Thieves Players Guide
  • One may be any basic, region, race, religion trait in a valid source
Misc Info
  • Starting HP: Max for class + Constitution modifier
  • HP on Level Up: 1/2 Class HD + Constitution modifier
  • Ensure you pick your favored class and its applicable reward found on page 31
  • Character sheets must be updated and stored with the DM in case of player absence.
Character Death
  • New Characters start at the level of your old character if they had been resurrected.
  • Experience points from the session are added to the new character
  • Starting funds are determined by table 12-4 (Page 399)
  • All magic items must be approved by the DM
  • Entry into the game in this fashion must fit the current story line


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