Dahkath's Council of Thieves

4709 AR Rova 12-13
We're back baby!

Session Date (In Game): Starday, Rova 12 – Sunday, Rova 13 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL): Feb 9th, 2012 – Feb 10th, 2012
Start Time: 8:00pm
Finish Time: 12:30am

Characters Present:

Starday, Rova 12

After a few weeks of relaxation and recovery, the group is contacted by Ursio Jeggare, the mayor’s aide. Over a nice meal, Jeggare outlines his request. The mayor sometimes uses discreet passages in the sewer to move supplies in and out of town, hopefully out of sight of prying eyes. Recently the supplies are being attacked by a group of Kobolds calling themselves “The Sewer Dragons”. Many deliveries have been stolen, and some Dottari have gone missing. The mayor would prefer the negotiation of a truce over the outright slaughter of the Kobolds, as creating a power vacuum would allow another threat to fill the void left behind. Jeggare tells the party that a Taldan scholar by the name of Emral Xarcious used to tutor the children of the tribal leader. As well, Jeggare will be sending someone along with the group, a second son of a noble family in Westcrown. The mayor has asked Ursio to find some work for him, as a personal favour to the Rasdovian family. Halak meets the group at a designated meeting place, and joins the party.

Sunday, Rova 13

The party does a bit of information gathering, and uncovers some information about the Sewer Dragon tribe. The leader, Kibizax, is a powerful sorcerer who is said to have a dragon ally that breathes lightning. Kibizax has two children: A skilled trapmaster named Yippitok, and a sorcerer daughter named Yiddlepode. Yiddlepode would be most likely be next in line to rule the Sewer Dragons.

The Finder uncovers some information on the Taldan scholar. He has not been seen for over a month. The last person to see him was a moneylender and bookie named Creeley Greeves. Greeves has been running his business out of a former watch station in the abandoned north end of town.

Sneaking into the northern ruins, the party finds the abandoned watch station easily. After some negotiations with Greeves, the gambling debt Emral has accumulated is paid in full by House Rasdovian. Creeley then shows the group into the room where Emral was being held, and departs.

Thanking the group for resucing him, Emral draws a map of the sewers, showing the party how to reach the lair of the Sewer Dragons. Halak frees Emral from repaying the gambling debt to House Rasdovian, and in thanks, Emral tells the party some information about Yiddlepode. She is likely open to bargaining with the mayor, and is probably the best chance for a truce with the tribe. It will also be able to catch her aboveground in Westcrown proper, as she often dons a magical disguise to sneak into one of the many operas in town.

Staking out the three operas playing currently, the party has little trouble tracking Yiddlepode down. Inviting her to the Rasdovian private box, the group presses her for a treaty. She informs the party that until her father and brother are dealt with, she is not in a position to negotiate.

Leaving the opera, the party heads to the sewers, where they encounter the advance scouts of the Sewer Dragons. They fight through a narrow corridor, springing a giant boulder trap. The scouts flee through the sewer grates to the drainage area below. As the party pursues, they encounter an Otyugh, which they realize they have seen before during their original flight through the sewers.

Defeating the Otyugh, they continue into the layer of the Sewer Dragons. The advance scouts had a large head start on the party, and when they arrived at Yippitok’s workshop, it has been hastily abandoned.

The group continues on into what appears to be a sunken opera house. Obviously very old, it has either sunken into the ground, or just built over through the history of Westcrown. The party confronts Kibizax, who is indeed a powerful sorcerer. His dragon ally turns out to be an illusion, and poses no real threat. Eventually the party overwhelms Kibizax, who dies in a spectacular lightning and magic display. An illusion perpetuated by his daughter Yiddlepode to allow a smooth transition of power. She demands the party’s unconditional surrender, which they recognize is mostly for the benefit of the kobolds watching. They surrender, and negotiate a truce with Yiddlepode.

True to his word, Ursio pays the party the agreed upon sum of 300 gold pieces, and the thanks for the mayor.

Combat Encounters:

  • Kobold Scouts(2) (CR 1)
  • Boulder Trap (CR 2)
  • Otyugh (CR 4)
  • Kibizax (CR 5)

XP (Per PC)
Story Award: Sewer Dragon Truce – 250 xp
Combat #1: Kobold Scouts(CR 1) – 100xp
Combat #2: Boulder Trap(CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #3: Otyugh (CR 4) – 300xp
Combat #4: Kibizax (CR 5) – 400xp

Fame Points (Per PC, except The Finder)
Fame Point Awarded: Negotiating a truce with the Sewer Dragons

Total XP awarded for session 6: 1200xp
Bonus for Journal submission: 120xp

4709 AR Arodus 26-28
I'm taking Blind Fight so this can NEVER happen again!

Session Date (In Game): Sunday, Arodus 26 – Toilday, Arodus 28 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL):
Start Time:
Finish Time:

Characters Present:

Sunday, Arodus 26 4709 AR

Most of this day is spent in recovery and planning. Jezzie is still incredibly weak from the poultice, but has her strength returned by Arael. Multiple strategies are discussed for the assault on the Bastards, using Janiven reconnaissance as a guide.

Moonday, Arodus 26 4709 AR

The building occupied by the Bastards appears to be an old church of Erastil. In the bell tower, a tiefling guard keeps watch on the surrounding area. After a quick discussion, Arael casts a spell of silence on the bell, rendering it useless. A hail of crossbow bolts from the PC’s and the Children of Westcrown take down the guard soon after. With the approach clear to the church, the party advances with Arael, leaving Janiven and the rest of the Children of Westcrown behind to cover the rear and deal with any Bastards that try to flee.

As the group attempts to find a quiet way to enter the church, they hear a dog barking. They have been discovered! The PC’s burst into the church, and encounter 4 Tiefling Thugs, and an old mangy dog. After a brief struggle, a tiefling flees down a set of stairs shrieking “Get the mummies! We need help!”

Regrouping, the party pursues the tiefling. Descending the stairs, they come upon a locked door with a simple message: “Praise and thanks to those who spent their lives in service to Erastil – their work strengthens us all”. Opening the door into a small crypt, they are quickly plunged into magical darkness. The tieflings are ready for them, and the party will spend much of the rest of this fight in the dark. Only Thodin has the necessary darkvision necessary to see through the spheres of night conjured by all tieflings. The party is attacked by 4 tieflings, and what appears to be an undead covered in linen wraps. The tieflings eventually fall, after a lot of struggling in the dark. The creature in linen, which casts many low level spells during combat (A Charm spell on The Finder forces him to flee the area), retreats north as the battle turns against it.

The party takes a quick moment to prepare for the next fight. The Finder goes upstairs to loot the tieflings in the church, while Thodin went to search the exit to the east. After discovering another crypt filled with skeletal dogs, the group decides to leave that door closed for now. They notice the skeletons do not attempt to pursue them.

Going north after the fleeing creature, the party next encounters dogs. These were no normal dogs, as they appeared to have similar traits to the tieflings. Thodin theorizes that the dogs were mutated by feeding them tiefling blood and other alchemical supplements. They pose little threat to the group, and are quickly dispatched.

While exploring the underground complex, several exits back to the surface are discovered. It appears that some of the ruined buildings near the temple serve as alternate entrances. They are left unexplored for now.

Rounding a corner, the group is assaulted by another gang of tieflings. Using magical darkness as cover, tiefling rogues surround and take down Arael. They are led by a magic using tiefling. The rogues fight to the death, but the magic user flees near the end of the fight. Arael is brought back to conciousness with a magical healing potion.

Entering what appears to be the end of the tunnels, a huge battle between the party and the remanants of the Bastards. The magic user, the “undead” (whom eventually is revealed to be a tiefling attempting a disguise), a large tiefling with claws on both hands (The party assumes he is the person responsible for digging these tunnels), and a cleric of Asmodeus prepare for a final stand! Again bathed in magical darkness, a hard fought fight leaves the party victorious. The cleric of Asmodeus attempts to flee after turning invisible, but some clever work by the party seals him in the room until his spell expires. He is subdued, and Palaveen is eventually turned over to the Westcrown Watch.

After an extensive search of the complex, a large pile of items are discovered. They appear to be the stolen merchandise taken from the murdered weaponsmith. The party votes to return the goods to the next of kin, if any can be found. A note is discovered crumpled up near Palaveen’s chambers. It reads:

“Palaveen – While we appreciate the work of your Bastards, the Council never intended this association to be anything more than that. We shouldn’t need to remind you that if your tiring applications continue, we’ll need to solve this problem in a manner less concerned with your continued good health”

The party clears out the area surrounding the temple as well, fighting some more skeletal dogs, and a giant Rot Grub.

Returning to Westcrown, the party splits up to handle various errands. Thodin and Marius post on the local message board in code, alerting the mayor’s aide about the successful operation. The rest of the group file a petition to recover the weaponsmith’s goods, if no suitable next of kin can be found.

Arael thanks the group for their invaluable work in helping the rebels. He offers the PC’s free spellcasting whenever they need it (although he might need help in securing components). Also he offers to craft them any potion he can make for no charge, as long as they provide the necessary materials.

Toilday, Arodus 27 4709 AR

A day of rest, and identification of magical items recovered from the Bastard’s complex.

Combat Encounters:

  • Tiefling Thug (Watchtower) (CR 1/3)
  • 4 Tiefling Thugs (Church Interior) (CR 2)
  • “Mummy” + 3 Tiefling Thugs (CR 3)
  • 3 Hell Dogs (CR 2)
  • 4 Tiefling Rogues + Tiefling Sorcerer (CR 4)
  • Tiefling Rogues + Dravano The Digger (CR 3)
  • Palaveen + 2 Wolf Skeletons (CR 5)
  • 2 Wolf Skeletons (CR 1)
  • Giant Rot Grub (CR 3)

XP (Per PC)
Combat #1: Watchtower Thug (CR 1/3) – 35xp
Combat #2: 4 Tiefling Thugs (CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #3: 3 Tiefling Thugs, 1 Tiefling Sorcerer (CR 3) – 200xp
Combat #4: 3 Hell Dogs (CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #5: 4 Tiefling Rogues, 1 Tiefling Sorcerer (CR 4) – 300xp
Combat #6: 3 Tiefling Rogues, Dravano (CR 3) – 200xp
Combat #7: Palaveen, 2 Wolf Skeletons (CR 5) – 400xp
Combat #8: 2 Wolf Skeletons (CR 1) – 100xp
Combat #9: Giant Rock Grub (CR 3) – 200xp
Story Award: Taking steps to return the stolen goods – 300xp
Story Award: Discovering the connection between the Bastards and the Council of Thieves – 600xp

Fame Points (Per PC, except The Finder)
Fame Point Awarded: Returning the stolen goods
Fame Point Awarded: Defeating the Bastards of Erebus

Total XP awarded for session 5: 2,635xp/person
10% Bonus for Journal submission: 263xp/person

4709 AR Arodus 20-25
Lycanthropy: The Third Option!

Session Date (In Game): Moonday, Arodus 20 – Starday, Arodus 25 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL): October 18th, 2010 & November 8th, 2010
Start Time: 7:45pm
Finish Time: 11:45pm

Characters Present:

  • Moonday, Arodus 20 4709 AR *

After some quick explanations, the party convinces the now freed Jan Candor that he was under the mental control of an imp, for reasons still unknown. Jan is grateful for the work of the party and offers a 10% discount when purchasing at his shop (General goods/weapons from the Core Rulebook). Jezzie and The Finder are suffering from poison damage from the Imps attacks, and will need rest to recover from the damage. As it is very early morning (3 am) the party retires to recuperate. The party learns later that day that the play put on by Thesing Umbero Ulvauno was poorly recieved.

  • Toilday, Arodus 21 4709 AR *

The party is still recovering from the imp’s poison. Upon awakening in the morning, each member of the party discovered a small bag of gold left for them. A woman of her word, Bluehood has rewarded the party for successfully slaying a Shadow Beast. Each character recieved a not to meet at the Four Dragon Inn, to discuss a possible financial opportunity. Upon arriving, the party learns that the Mayor’s Aide, Ursio Jeggare wishes to hire the group to destroy a band of goblins operating out of the ruined northern part of town. After some negotiations, the agreed upon sum is 950gp to neutralize the goblins and their leader, Whitechin.

Whitechin is based out of a ruined alchemical factory in the northern ruins. Originally just a small band of goblins, he has become more bold recently, leading many sorties into the southern part of Westcrown. The mayor would like Whitechin eliminated, but must do so with a bit of subterfuge. This will avoid and conflicts with the Order of the Rack, and the Dottari. The party plans to set out the next day to scout an entrance into the northern ruins.

  • Wealday, Arodus 22 4709 *

The party is still recovering, but spends time trying to find a viable way to enter the northern part of the city without alerting the guards, or causing a panic among the population of Westcrown

  • Oathday, Arodus 23 4709 *

Switching to a different tactic, the party find a damaged section of outer wall that allows easy (and unobserved) passage into the norther part of Westcrown. As they attempt to track down the neighborhood where Whitechin is located, they are accosted by a small gang of Tiefling thieves. The thieves attempt to extort money from the party, and are soundly defeated. Amongst the bodies, the PC’s find a wooden coin, with a devil’s head carved into it. The group locates the appropriate area, and plans to return the next day to assault the factory.

  • Fireday, Arodus 24 4709 *

The party returns to Whitechin’s base of operations. After some advanced scouting, the party ambushes the guard patrol, two Goblins and a Goblin Dog. They are silenced before they can alert their allies inside. The party enters the factory from the back door, catching the goblins by surprise. The room is filled with giant vats of alchemical materials, with goblins high up in the catwalks above. As combat breaks out, one of the goblins opens a valve on the vats, spilling flammable liquid on the party. Eventually these mix with the other chemicals seeping out of the other vats, turning the entire floor of the factory into a huge chemical fire. The party dispatches the goblins, and moves to the upstairs office, where it is assumed Whitechin is hiding.

Marius springs a trap going through the door, and is covered in an alchemical compound later identified as “The Dark”, a sticky liquid that radiates darkness. As Marius gropes blindly around the room, the party gets it’s first look at Whitechin. Whitechin is no goblin, but a wererat! With a goblin sorcerer at his side, the fight is joined. After a few tense rounds, the fight turns against Whitechin, who attempts to flee from the party by jumping out a window. As the party pursues, Jezzie is bitten by Whitechin, who eventually escapes into the ruins. The Finder quickly loots the office, and leaves just as the building collapses from the chemical fire.

The party returns to the civilized part of Westcrown. Thodin does some research, and realizes that Jezzie might be infected with lycanthropy, a curse that carries a death sentence in Westcrown. Jezzie has two options available to her: Seek the help of a high level cleric of Asmodeus, or attempt to use her (and Thodin’s) alchemical skill to come up with a poultice that will fight off her lycanthropy. Thodin and Jezzie chose to come up with a remedy, and spend most of the night attempting to improvise a new alchemical component. While they are involved with this, The Finder attempts to get a message to Arael about the dire state of Jezzie’s condition. The party will recieve a response early the next morning, asking them to meet with him at the temple.

  • Starday Arodus 25 4709 *

Meeting with Arael, the party lays out the problem before them. Arael admits he has no way to assist in this matter, so Jezzie uses the poultice that she and Thodin concocted. Unfortunately, the poison is too strong for her, and she collapses in a coma, drained of her vitality. While she recuperates, Arael lays out his plan for the party.

The Bastards of Erebus, a tiefling group operating out of the northern ruins, has been responsible for a handful of robberies and a double murder in the last few weeks. Always using stealth, they attack every few days, leaving no forced locks or doors, and leave a symbol of the group: A wooden coin with the carving of Mammon, Lord of Erebus. Arael has received information from an informant that the group is located in an old church in the ruins. On his way back from meeting this informant, he was captured by the Dottari (Oathday Arodus 16th). After he was freed by the party, he sent Janiven to investgate. She returned today with confirmation that the Bastards are indeed at the old church. Janiven tells the party that the Bastards have a tiefling in a bell tower, watching the area intently. If the party arrives at night, the tiefling scout will not likely be able to see farther than 30 feet from the tower (the limits of his darkvision). Janiven also tells the party that there are several two story building near the church, with boarded up windows.

Janiven and Arael offer to help the party in the assault on the Bastards. One of the two will lead the rest of the children in a support position. They will be able to ensure no stragglers flee the area after the party enters the church. After a bit of deliberation, the party chooses to take Arael with them, leaving Janiven in charge of the Children of Westcrown forces.

The party then begins to plan their assault…

Combat Encounters:

  • Tiefling Rogues(4) (CR 2)
  • Goblin Exterior Guard (2 Goblins, 1 Goblin Dog) (CR 2)
  • 6 Goblins (Factory Interior) (CR 3)
  • Whitechin + Goblin Sorcerer (CR 4)

XP (Per PC)
Story Award: Jan Candor – 250xp
Combat #1: Tiefling Rogues(CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #2: 2 Goblins, 1 Goblin Dog (CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #3: 6 Goblins (CR 3) – 200xp
Combat #4: Whitechin (CR 4) – 300xp
Encounter: The Curse of Lycanthropy – 150xp

  • Fame Points (Per PC, except The Finder) *
    Fame Point Awarded: Defeating a Shadow Beast
    Fame Point Awarded: Defeating Whitechin and his forces

Total XP awarded for session 4: 1200xp/person
Bonus for Journal submission: 120xp/person

4709 AR Arodus 18-19
Mom, I told you to call me "The Finder"!

Session Date (In Game): Starday, Arodus 18 – Sunday, Arodus 19 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL): October 4th, 2010
Start Time: 7:40pm
Finish Time: 11:45pm

Characters Present:

Part #1: Horse Drama – City of Westcrown
The session begins directly following the previous session's events. The party returns to Westcrown, splitting up with Arael to not arouse suspicion. After meeting up inside the city walls, Arael suggests returning the horses (borrowed from Gorvio’s Uncle, Jacovo) before heading towards the shrine. The party arrives at Jacovo’s shop just as a handsome, but arrogant man named Thesing Umbero Ulvauno is berating Jacovo for not having the horses he requires. Thesing is a local actor and opera singer of some repute who has let his growing reputation feed his ego to a ridiculous level. As the PC’s arrive with the horses, Thesing blames the group for taking his horses (obviously in an attempt to vex him. He lets the PC’s know he needs the horses for an impromptu performance of “The Elopement of the Dowager Princess”, for a scene where the handsome lover (played by Thesing, obviously) needs to escape the town guard on horseback. After a bit of bantering back and forth, Thodin and Marius calm Thesing down enough to stop making a scene.

Part #2: Shrine of Aroden – City of Westcrown
Returning to the Shrine, Arael is formally introduced to his rescuers, and any misgivings are cleared up. Arael and Janiven suggest laying low for a bit, as the Hellknights of the Order of the Rack will not be happy with this failure. It seems that the dottari will not pursue Arael, so he appears to be safe, for now. The party makes a decision to investigate Jan Candor, a local merchant who appeared to be targeted by imps in the sewers of Westcrown.

Part #3: Various Locations – City of Westcrown
After resupplying and gathering some information, the PC’s learn that Jan Candor is a general merchant, who works out of a small building near the northern ruins. Arriving at his shop, no reason can be found to indicate why devils would be interested in this man. The party attempts to monitor him overnight, setting up at a nearby tavern. During the night, some movement was detected in the Candor store, but nothing else was noticed. The next day, another inspection of the shop reveals lingering magical auras. The Finder notices that the weapon racks in the store look like some weapons have been removed. Jan does not know why or how this has happened. The party plans to return overnight to investigate further. Before they leave, they convince Jan to let them mark the positions of the weapons, to help notice if any have been repositioned. While they are waiting, they attempt to hunt one of the shadow beasts that roam the city at night. They have all heard that a masked woman known only as “Bluehood” offers a reward for any shadow beast dropped in front of a tavern across from the Leroung Estate. After running into a dottari patrol (and paying a bribe to pass) and a vicious swarm of rats, the party encounters a Shadow beast, and slays it. The shadow beast begins to dissolve upon death, so the party races across town to dump the corpse in front of the tavern before it disappears. Returning to Jan Candor’s shop, the party eventually notices movement similar to the previous night, and moves in to investigate. Jan appears to be under some magical control, and is throwing weapons from his weapon racks into a swirling portal. The party intercepts Jan eventually, and an imp appears from nowhere to attack. The imp is eventually destroyed, and Jan awakens from his magical domination, unable to remember any of his action, and wondering why the party (who had been harassing him for the last day or so) was in his shop at night.

Combat Encounters:

  • Shadow Beast (Name Unknown) – CR 2
  • Imp – CR 2
    • The Finder and Jezzie poisoned by the Imp, suffering dexterity damage

XP (Per PC)
Encounter #1: Placating Thesing – 250xp
Encounter #2: Bribing Guards – 0xp
Combat #1: Rat Swarm (CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #2: Shadow Beast(CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #3: Imp (CR 2) – 150xp
Total XP awarded for session 1: 700/person
10% Bonus for Journal submission: 70xp/person

4709 AR Arodus 17-18

Session Date (In Game): Fireday, Arodus 17 – Starday, Arodus 18 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL): September 15th, 2010
Start Time: 7:45pm
Finish Time: 11:15pm

Characters Present:

Part #1: The Sewers of Westcrown
The party continued the march through the sewers of Westcrown. After watching a party of Hellknight Armingers fall to a group of skeletons, the party destroyed the undead. From the other side of the combat site, The Finder appeared. He was sent on behalf of Janiven to help the obviously lost party make there way to the safe house. After introductions and initial apprehensions were dealt with, the new party continued on their way. Eventually, the party made there way to a ladder heading to a back alley on the surface, behind an abandoned shrine of Aroden. The Finder, his contract complete, exited the area. After identifying themselves to the door guard, they were admitted to the temple. Sewer combats/encounters detailed below:

  • Skeletons(3)
    • Recently slaughtered a band of Armingers when encountered by the party.
  • Sewer Goblins (4)
    • Ambushed the party from the dark
    • 3 of 4 party members down in the first 2 rounds (2 criticals landed on Thodin)
  • Imps
    • Non-combat, overheard a small amount of imps (2+) discussing in Infernal
    • Mentioning how they have attempted to subvert Jan Candor, a Westcrown Merchant
    • Imps mention using non obvious methods. Jan was likely unaware of their meddling.
    • Party bypassed without alerting Imps

Part #2: The Shrine of Aroden/Safehouse
Janiven, after returning to the safe house with The Finder in tow, allowed the group to clean and rest. After a short break, the party was introduced to the current roster of the citizen’s brigade. The group was in the middle of discussing the name to be used, as well as the uniform to wear while working for the group. After some discussions about names, including “The Knights of Westcrown” and “The Guardians of Cheliax”, the party convinced the group that a less militaristic name might serve their purpose better. Eventually it was agreed, and the name “Children of Westcrown” was informally adopted. As well, the uniform selected to be used was a hood or facemask, along with a red arm band. This will allow the Children to gain reputation for doing good deeds for the citizenry, but keep the person from being identified by the government. After a bit of discussion (mostly involving not wearing ANY identifying features), this was accepted as the uniform of choice.

Each party member noticed how desperate the Children of Westcrown are. Janiven appears competent (and she vouches for Arael's skill as well), but most of the other rebels have no training any battle (of any sort). Some might have potential in the future, but most are just regular citizens who want better lives for themselves and the other people of Westcrown. Some of the children of Westcrown seem to take special interest in the party. Whether it's a bit of hero worship, or the belief that the party can help them, it appears the PC's have fans.

After answering some questions from each of the Children of Westcrown, the party eventually collapses after the events of the day finally take their toll. The Children of Westcrown are: * Amaya (Female Tian Human)

  • Ermolos (Male Chelish Human) – showed an interest in Marius/Combat
  • Fiosa (Female Halfling) – spent most of the night hearing Thodin sermonize
  • Gorvio (Male Chelish Human)
  • Larko (Male Garundi Human) – was rebuffed by "The Finder"
  • Mathalen (Female Chelish Human)
  • Rizzardo (Male Varisian Human)
  • Sclavo (Male Garundi Human)
  • Tarvi (Female Chelish Human)
  • Vitti (Male Chelish Human)
  • Yakopulio (Female Gnome)

Part #3: Ambush outside of Westcrown
The party is awoken by Janiven, who has received dire news. It appears the Dottari have released Arael over to the Hellknights of the Rack. The Hellknights are now in the process of transferring him to Citadel Rivad, a fortress and training ground to the southwest of Westcrown. Word on the street relayed to Janiven indicates the prison wagon will be escorted by 10 Hellknight Armingers, 4 on horseback, led by a young (but low-ranking) Hellknight Signifier named Shanwen. As the entire operation to apprehend the Children of Westcrown was essentially a training exercise, the Order of the Rack has not placed a full contingent of guards on the transfer detail. As the party does not have any mounts, Gorvio loans the mounts to the party from his Uncle Jacovo's shop, with the understanding that no harm is to come to them. Janiven recommends a double ambush: The Children of Westcrown will attempt to draw the four Hellknight horseman to chase after them, while the party handles the remainder of the forces. The Order of the Rack are arrogant, and will likely see the Children of Westcrown as simple bandits, and leave the wagon to pursue. The Children will seed the area in front of them with caltrops, then beat a hasty retreat when the riders reach them. This will give the PC's ample time to free Arael. After springing the ambush (which goes off without a hitch), the party engages the remainder of the forces. Shanwen attacks the party from the top of the wagon, which has a heavy crossbow mounted to the top.

After defeating the group, the party frees Arael from the wagon. Arael excuses himself from the group after receiving a scolding from Marius, and returns to Westcrown. Several of the party accompany him, with the rest going back separately. The party re-enters the city of Westcrown as the session draws to a close. A note is found on Shanwen, from Mayor Aberian Arvanxi to the captain of the guard of Citadel Rivad asking for help dealing with a group of bandits called the "Bastards of Erebus". Specifically, the letter seems to be repeating the request, and asks for a response to an earlier request for help in dealing with the bandits.

XP (Per PC)
Story Award: Escaping the Sewers – 300xp
Combat #1: 3 Skeletons(CR 1) – 100 xp
Combat #2: Sewer Goblins (CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #3: Ambush!(CR 4) – 300xp Story Award: Freeing Arael from the Hellknights – 300xp

Fame Points (Per PC, except The Finder)
Fame Point Awarded: Rescuing Arael
Fame Point Awarded: Refrained from killing ANY Hellknights in the ambush

Total XP awarded for session 1: 1150/person 10%
Bonus for Journal submission: 115xp/person

4709 AR Arodus 16-17
"You're *THAT* Brightgaze?!"

Session Date (In Game): Oathday, Arodus 16 – Fireday, Arodus 17, 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL): September 13th, 2010

Start Time: 7:45pm
Finish Time: 11:15pm

Characters Present:

Part #1: Various Westcrown locations
Each PC was intercepted during their daily activities by a woman. She identified herself as Janiven and knew a little about each players recent past in and around Westcrown. Janiven mentions to each PC that there are more concerned citizens in Westcrown, who are willing to take steps to ensure safety for the population. She offers each NPC a chance to meet with her (and her compatriot Arael for dinner to discuss the matter further. She schedules this meeting for 4pm the following day (Fireday) with a promise to be done long before it gets dark.

True to her word, Janiven provides a satisfying, if not spectacular meal. The heroes are introduced to each other over (semi) polite dinner conversation. After the meal is done, Janiven informs the PC’s of her intentions. Janiven means to form a “citizen’s brigade” to help the downtrodden people of Westcrown. The brigade (which does not yet have a name) would attempt to win the hearts and minds of the Westcrown population, without resorting to rebellion or open revolt. After this has been accomplished, the brigade will present itself to the government with advice on how to improve the situation in the city. Janiven is convinced that the government will have no choice to respect the group if the popular support is behind it. Each PC understands that even uttering these words is high treason, with only one punishment.

The characters do not get long to question Janiven about her plans, as a young teenager rushes into the room. The youth, who is named Morosino, informs Janiven that her mentor Arael has been captured by the dottari (City Guard). The Hellknights of the Rack are attempting to take control of the prisoner, and are headed to the tavern. Every character now hears the unmistakable sound of steel on stone, as the Hellknights encircle the tavern. It appears Morosino has led them right to them.

Janiven pleads with the characters to flee with her through a sewer entrance in the back of the tavern. Innocent or not, each character knows that the Hellknights will now consider them rebels. Janiven and Thodin topple some furniture to slow the advance, and slip down into the sewers.

Part #2: The Sewers of Westcrown
p. After escaping into a sewer access tunnel, Janiven finds her hidden cache of supplies, which she has placed for just such a contigency. Morosino goes ahead to warn the safehouse of what has transpired. Janiven shows each character the small mark she and Morosino made at each intersection, which will direct the follower to the safehouse on the other side of town. Warning the characters that the Hellknights will soon be in pursuit, and might be going ahead to intercept, Janiven makes her way quickly out of visual range of the tunnel entrance. A few intersections later, the sounds of approaching Hellknights appear to be getting closer. Janiven tells the party to make it’s way to the safe house by following the marks made. Then, borrowing Marius’s shovel, proceeds to lead the Hellknights in an opposite direction, make a loud amount of noise to cover the party’s escape.

The rest of the session is spent navigating (and getting lost in) the sewers of Westcrown. The characters encountered the following creatures in the sewers:

  • A band of Hellknight Armingers (3)
    • Bickering amongst themselves, the Armnigers did not notice the characters approaching.
    • The Armingers avoided using any tactics, instead trying to hinder the others actions to increase their own favour with the Hellknights
  • A small pack of Ooze-like bugs (Torbles)
    • Ambushed the party in a sewer cistern
  • A large “sewer monster” that seemed to be guarding a magical light source
  • A single sewer goblin who attempted to shoot Jezzie in the back, then fled before he could be stopped
  • A patch of Shrieker fungus, that drew a patrol of sewer goblins when activated, including the original scout from the previous encounter
  • 2 Human Zombies, sitting at a table in a side room off the main sewer line

The session ended with the zombies being defeated by the party, but with resources running low.

XP (Per PC)
Story Award: Fleeing the Tavern/Introductions – 400xp
Combat #1: 3 Hellknight Armingers (CR 1) – 135xp
Combat #2: Torbles (CR 1) – 135xp
Combat #3: Sewer Goblins (CR 2) – 200xp
Combat #4: Zombies (CR 1) – 135xp

Total XP awarded for session 1: 1005xp/person
10% Bonus for Journal submission: 100xp/person

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