Thodin's Useful Things

Thodin's Useful Things


Thodin’s Useful Things (Level 1 Shop)

Total Capital: 260 GP
Weekly Operating Capital: 20 GP
Weekly Wages: 0 GP
Risk Level: 4
Encounter Frequency: EL 1 every 13 weeks

Profit Check Modifier: +11

Ability Modifier (Wisdom) (+3)
Level of Business (-1)
Business located in a metropolis (+4)
Appropriate Skill (Appraise) (+1)
Appropriate Skill (Craft[Alchemy]) (+1)
Appropriate Skill (Diplomacy) (+1)
Appropriate Skill (Knowledge[Local]) (+1)
Appropriate Skill (Sense Motive) (+1)

Business Rules

Profit/Loss History

Initial Investment Capital: -260 GP
Resource: Alchemist’s Lab: -200 GP
Sunday Arodus 19 profit: +1 GP
Sunday Arodus 26 profit: +1 GP
Sunday Rova 3 Profit: +1 GP
Sunday Rova 10 Profit: +1 GP

Overall Profit: -456 GP


Thodin’s Useful Things is a small shop located in the Rego Pena, the Coin Sector of the Spera District, In Westcrown. The building is a solid stone dwelling standing alone, measuring 15 feet on a side, standing two stories tall. The main floor is shop space, with a counter along one wall, and a staircase heading both up to the second floor and down to the basement opposite. The building itself has a single front door, equipped with a good quality lock, and a rear door that opens down into the basement, which is Thodin’s primary residence.

The second floor is largely consumed with a fully functional Alchemist’s Lab, where Thodin spends much of his day working, creating various concoctions for sale within the shop below. This room is well ventilated, with large windows, all of which are barred both inside the frame and outside the window. When Thodin is working, strange sounds, lights, and smells issue forth, and most of his neighbors have completely sealed any windows facing his building.

The basement is a well sealed area, divided into three rooms; a small bedroom, a small kitchen, and a small water closet that connects to the sewer system (though the privy is also barred; a recent addition added by Thodin). A stove in the kitchen has it’s chimney connected to the fireplace located on the second floor in the laboratory, and with both going, the ground floor is cheerfully warm, a fact which helps maintain his business during the cold winter months.

The basement has no windows; Thodin either leaves it shrouded in darkness, or illuminates it with a light spell as needed. Aside from the staircase leading up to the main floor, the only exit is a small door that provides access to a short staircase, which leads to another door that opens onto the back alleyway. Both of these doors are securely locked with good quality locks, and barred against intrusion.

Thodin’s Useful Things maintains erratic hours, but is usually open early in the morning. The shop has a growing reputation for high quality alchemical items. Thodin offers a 10% discount to any Dottari who shop at his store.

Thodin's Useful Things

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