Thodin Almek

Thodin Almek, Battle Priest of Iomedae


Thodin Almek, Battle Priest of Iomedae

Male Dwarf Cleric 3 (8678 XP)
LG Medium Humanoid (Dwarf)
Fame Points: 7

Init +1; Senses darkvision; Perception +8 (+10 to notice unusual stonework)


AC 18, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+6 armor, +1 shield, +1 Dex); +4 dodge bonus to AC vs. Giants
HP 30 (3d10+8)
Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +9; +2 racial bonus to all saves vs. Poison, Spells, & Spell-Like Abilities
Defensive Abilities none; Immune none


Speed 20 feet
Melee silver masterwork longsword +5 (+6 vs. Orcs and Goblins) (1d8/19-20 x2)
Melee masterwork heavy mace +5 (+6 vs. Orcs and Goblins) (1d8+1/ x2)
Melee masterwork dagger +5 (+6 vs. Orcs and Goblins) (1d4+1/19-20 x2)
Ranged masterwork dagger +5 (+6 vs. Orcs and Goblins) (1d4+1/19-20 x2)
Ranged masterwork light crossbow +5 (+6 vs. Orcs and Goblins) (1d8/19-20 x2)
Special Attacks Channel Positive Energy (2d6) 4/day (DC 12)
Spells Prepared (CL 3rd)
2nd – Inheritor’s Smite, Spiritual Weapon
1st – Divine Favor, Protection from Evil, Shield of Faith
0 – Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Read Magic


STR 13 DEX 13 CON 14 INT 12 WIS 16 CHA 12
Base Attack +3; CMB +4; CMD 15 (19 vs. bull rush and trip)
Feats Iron Will; Craft Wondrous Item
Skills Acrobatics -2, Appraise +1 (+3 on metals or gems), Bluff +1, Climb -2, Craft (Alchemy) +1, Diplomacy +5, Disguise +1, Escape Artist -2, Fly -2, Heal +3, Intimidate +1, Knowledge (Untrained) +1, Knowledge (Local)(1) +2, Knowledge (Planes)(1) +5, Knowledge (Religion)(2) +6, Linguistics(1) +5, Perception(1) +8 (+10 to notice unusual stonework), Ride -2, Sense Motive(2) +8, Spellcraft(1) +5, Stealth -2, Survival +3, Swim -2
Languages Common, Dwarven, Infernal, Undercommon
SQ Channel Energy, Aura of Good, Aura of Law
Traits Hedge Magician, Conspiracy Hunter (+1 to Perception)


Masterwork Breastplate, Masterwork Buckler, Alchemical Silver Masterwork Longsword, Masterwork Heavy Mace, Masterwork Dagger, Masterwork Light Crossbow, Crossbow Bolts (20)
Cloak of Resistance +1, Phylactery of Faithfulness (Iomedae), potion of cure light wounds x7, potion of cure moderate wounds x2, potion of shield of faith, Tanglefoot Bag
Adventurer’s Sash, Blanket (common), Caltrops x4, Candle (Insectbane) x10, Chalk x10, Charcoal x10, Crowbar, Flint and Steel, Hammer, Holy Text (Acts of Iomedae), Silver Holy Symbol (Iomedae), Ink x2, Inkpen x5, Mirror, Rations (per day) x2, Rope (hemp) 50’, Scroll Case, Shovel, Soap, Whetstone, Waterskin

26 PP, 1346 GP, 45 SP, 33 CP

Special Notes
Thodin’s Useful Things (Level 1 Shop)
Gratitude of Jan Candor – 10% discount at Jan Candor’s Shop


Thodin was born into the merchant clans of Almek, who reside in the city of Westcrown. His youth was somewhat typical for a Dwarven child, and he made friends easily. It was during this time that he first befriended several human children, among them Razek Tariff, Garm Sarenson, Iblis Porter, and Del Farmer. His early childhood was shaped by the shadow of Westcrown's harsh laws, and several times classmates would disappear without warning or explanation.

It was during his youth that Thodin first began to learn the path of honor and valor. While out with his friends – who were aging faster than he was – they were accosted by a gang of thugs. Standing up for himself and his friends, Thodin was principally responsible for the savage beating they received – something that they all speak of fondly to this day. This sparked a strange interest in Thodin, who yearned for something he could not put his hands on.

His close relationships with humans, and his focus on honor, bravery, and doing the right thing, made him fit in poorly with the rest of his clansmen, who were renowned weaponsmiths and armorers in Westcrown. his duties to his clan – principally scribe and clerk related tasks – never appealed to him, and he performed lackluster work, at best. Thodin's desire to see the world and learn more about it led to him being assigned to a trading caravan that left for a three year circuit of human lands.

During this time Thodin's eyes were opened to the level of decay in Westcrown, and the cruelty of its laws. Other human cities – and Dwarven holds, Elven villages, and Halfling burrows – were happy, prosperous places. Thodin still has vivid memories of other people from different cities casting him pitying glances as he rushed to get indoors before sundown.

Returning to Westcrown made this differences all the more apparent, and all the more intolerable. His frank discussions of the topic soon earned him another lesson in life; he was arrested by the Hellknights for "spreading lies and other seditious behavior". Questioned – vigorously – for several days, he was released from Citadel Rivad, and barred entry to the city for a year. None of his friends knew what had happened to him.

It was during this time that Thodin was attacked late at night by undead zombies ranging out of the Dhaenfens. A distant rider, seeing him fleeing the zombies, spurred his horse towards him. A flash of holy radiance reduced the vile things to ash, and he inquired if he was alright. Thus Thodin, in his exile, was introduced to Raiel Themes, a priest of Iomedae.

Raiel willingly took in the exiled dwarf, and offered him instruction on the ways of Iomedae. Thodin found something that fit the void he had lacked for so many years – and took to the teaching that Raiel offered willingly and quickly. Thodin was surprised at the level of combat training he received – skills with weapons, skills with armor, proper use of a shield, and magic.

Magic, in particular, intrigued Thodin. Raiel would often comment that Thodin was almost better suited to the worship of Nethys, so much did magic fascinate him. Raiel provided what instruction he could – which was little. To feed his student's growing desire for magical knowledge, he did indeed send him to a priest of Nethys for additional training.

Hoshe Finn, Priest of Nethys and accomplished Wizard, was a knowledgeable teacher, if somewhat crotchety and difficult to be around. He grumbled constantly that Raiel had taught him "all wrong" and spent weeks teaching Thodin what he considered "proper concepts to give you something decent to learn from!". Thodin soon lost track of time, discussing magical theory, practicing spellcasting and other, more innate, gifts that Iomedae was slowly revealing to him, and generally learning about the underlying truth of how magic works.

When Hoshe told Thodin that all he had to teach him was taught – and that to learn more, he'd be another 10 years in study, was the first time Thodin truly realized how much time had passed. After spending more than a decade with Hoshe and learning magic from him, he returned to Raiel and completed his training as a cleric of Iomedae – which took another two years.

Thodin was constantly surprised by the drive of Raiel – something Raiel called "the dynamic nature of humanity". Between ministering to a small group of followers, patrolling the Dhaenfens, and generally helping everyone in their small farming hamlet – being a good neighbor, Raiel called it – Thodin was often tired and rarely felt that he received sufficient sleep.

Eventually, however, all good things come to an end, and Thodin realized that his time with Raiel – while spiritually fulfilling and tremendously joyful – was coming to an end. Whether through some subtle prompting from Iomedae, or some lingering guilt that his friends and clan thought him dead, Thodin returned to Westcrown a full priest of Iomedae, ready to try and address some of the wrongs that existed.

First, of course, he checked in with his old friends- now all married for many years and with children of their own. Garm and Del both had three boys, and Iblis had five, while Razek was expecting his first. They were all happy to see Thodin, and surprised to learn not only that he was alive, but also a full priest of Iomedae. From them, he learned much about what was happening within Westcrown.

His quiet campaign of trying to change the city began with providing aid to the charitable organizations within it. Spending time helping to construct schools, poor houses, and orphanages filled his days – and provided him ready access to information flowing through the city as he interacted with tradesmen and craftsmen from all walks of life.

As he worked, and saw people being robbed, threatened, and blackmailed, he saw hints of a pattern forming. People – usually in positions of authority – slipping and mentioning hidden masters. Those who conformed to certain modes of behavior or worship prospering while their rivals were assaulted and robbed. Enough subtle coincidences that a unified organization may exist – and if so, where is it, who rules it, and what goals does it possess? For nothing that lives that deep in the shadows could be good or worthy…

Thodin Almek’s Adventure Journal

Thodin Almek

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