The Finder

Half-Elf Urban Ranger


Half-Elf Ranger (Urban Ranger alternate class feature) Level 3 (7973 xp)
Str 14
Dex 18
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 7

Racial Traits: Favoured Classes Ranger, Fighter; +2 Perception; Low-light Vision; Skill Focus – Knowledge (Local); Immune to Sleep; +2 Save vs. Enchantments

Class Traits: Favoured Enemy – Humanoid (human) (+ 2 Attack, Damage, Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival); + 1 to Survival checks to track; Wild Empathy + 1; Archery Combat Style; Favoured Community (Westcrown) (+ 2 Initiative, Knowledge (local), Perception, Stealth, Survival); Trapfinding (+1 Perception to find traps, +1 Disable Device, can disable magical traps)

Skill Ranks (22) (mods include favoured community bonuses): Knowledge (Dungeoneering)(1) + 5, Perception(3) + 12 (+ 13 vs. traps), Stealth(3) + 12, Survival(3) + 10 (+11 to track), Climb(1) +6, Knowledge (Local)(3) +12, Disable Device(3) +13, Heal(1) +8, Sense Motive(1) +6, Sleight of Hand(1) +5, Ride(1) +8, Swim(1) +6

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot

Init +8, BAB +3, Fort +5 Ref +8 Will +4
HP (3d10 +3 con +2 favoured class) (27)
AC 18 t14 ff14

Offense: Ranged masterwork composite (+ 2) longbow + 8 or + 6 / + 6 1d8+2 (x3) (+ 1 attack, damage w/i 30’); Melee glaive-guisarme + 5 1d10+3 (x3) reach, or sap + 5 1d6+2 (non-lethal), or morningstar + 5 1d8+3

Traits: Conspiracy Hunter (+ 1 Sense Motive, class skill); Reactionary (+ 2 Init)

Neutral (Good?)
Languages: Common, Elven, Infernal

glaive-guisarme, sap, morningstar, masterwork composite (+2) longbow, 67 arrows, 10 cold iron arrows, 20 silver arrows, 20 blunt arrows, 20 flight arrows
+ 1 studded leather armour
cloak of resistance + 1
backpack, 50’ hemp rope, flint & steel, grappling hook, hammer, hooded lantern, 5 pints oil, 5 pitons, 2 belt pouches, whetstone, 2 sacks, chalk, masterwork thieves tools, healer’s kit (10 uses), 5 mammon coins
3 potions of clw, potion of cmw, potion of disguise self, vial of the dark, tanglefoot bag
7 pp, 31 gp, 35 sp, 32 cp
2 notes in infernal – request for more skel wolves
crumpled note – from council to bastards


The Finder is a middle-aged half-elf with a scarred face and smashed nose. His eyes are keen, and he generally looks dangerous. He usually wears a dark grey cloak over well-worn soft leathers, and bears a glaive, with a large bow slung on his back, a quiver of arrows and a morningstar hanging on his hip.

Someone’s bastard half-elven child, he was abandoned in the alleys of Westcrown as a baby, and grew up in one of the local orphanages. To this day, he has no idea who his parents were, but he will track down information in this regard, including anything regarding elves in the city, to the exclusion of almost anything else. As a child, he learned the ins and outs of Westcrown, its inhabitants, its slums and sewers, and most of all, he learned how to survive on his own. As a half-elf, he suffered brutally at the hands of his peers, and he bears the scars of his trials. At the same time, he developed an empathy for the downtrodden and outcast. He has a mild disdain for the privileged, though he recognizes their ability to make his life easier and their power to affect the lives of the citizens of Westcrown for good or ill.

The Finder – for that is how he is known, having abandoned the name given to him at the orphanage – now makes his living as a second-story man and information broker. He is one of the best in the city at finding both objects and information. He meticulously cultivates no allegiances, and works solely for cold hard coin. In this way, he avoids overtly angering any of his “victims”, since they know they can simply hire him themselves, should the need arise. He is affiliated with none, and very rarely seeks the company of others. He is often difficult to find, as he does not stay in any one place very long, moving around the city, living in filthy, abandoned hovels or cheap, flea-ridden hostels.

And yet, over the years, he has grown more bothered by the path that Westcrown has found itself on. As discreetly as possible, he has begun to gather as much information as he can on those who seek to upset the balance of power in Westcrown. He is not yet sure whether this information will be merely valuable in the future to those who wish to crush any resistance, or whether he will seek to assist their efforts in some way. Above all, he is cautious, and he values his life more than anything.

The Finder

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