Marius Baradin

Chelaxian Weapon Master


Marius Baradin
Male Human Fighter (Weapon Master) 1/Cleric of Asmodeus 1
LN Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +1


hp 21 (2d10+5)
FORT 6, REF +2, WILL +4


Speed 20ft
Melee Bastard Sword (one-handed) +7 (1d104)
Melee Bastard Sword (two-handed) 7 (1d106)
Melee Flail 6 (1d84)
Melee Trident 6 (1d84)
Melee Dagger 6 (1d44)
Ranged Shortbow 4 (1d6)
Ranged Trident +6(1d8
Ranged Dagger 6(1d44)


Str 18, Con 14, Dex 14, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 10
BAB: +2; CMB +5;CMD 17
Feats Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword), Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword), Power Attack
Languages: Common
Skills: Diplomacy +6, Intimidate +4, Sense Motive +5
SQ: Aura of Law, Aura of Evil, Channel Energy (Negative) 3/day, Holy Warrior
Traits: Conspiracy Hunter (Diplomacy), Indomitable Faith
Combat Gear Scale Mail, Wooden Heavy Shield, Bastard Sword, Trident, Flail, Shortbow,Arrows (20). Other GearBackpack, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Hooded Lantern, Oil Flask (10), Hemp Rope (200ft), Shovel, Explorer's Outfit, Waterskin, Grappling Hook, Belt Pouch, Torch (10), Wooden Holy Symbol of Asmodeus,Potion of Cure Light Wounds (1), 46gp


Marius Baradin was born in a small remote village near the trapper town of Taggun Hold, in the Meander Mountains of Cheliax. Oldest of three children born to his parents, Marius' father, Illius, was sheriff and head of the town watch, a position of some importance considering the vicious nature of the mountain region. It was from his father that Marius learned the importance of martial prowess and lawfulness. His father taught him the importance of being unforgiving in an unforgiving environment, that keeping law and order kept the people under his watch alive. Idolizing his father, Marius sought to follow his example, and even at a very young age, the young Cheliaxian practiced martial combat, learning to fight with shield and sword in preparation to defend the village when he grew up.

However, greed and corruption interrupted Marius' succession into his father's position. The town elder was approached by a small smuggling group, in order to smuggle illegal goods into Cheliax through the mountains, due to its close proximity to Taggun Hold as a distribution centre. The elder, wanting to improve his lot in life, agreed to the proposal. However, the smugglers were clumsy in their initial efforts, and Illius soon caught wind of the operation running through the town.  He went to confront the Elder of his corruption, but the smugglers' had discovered Illius' intentions, and were able to ambush and murder him before any of his knowledge of their operations could be made public. The Elder, in a devious ploy, publicly accused Illius of a coup against his leadership, and that Marius' father was killed for being a lawbreaker. None would speak against the accusations, even Illius' own wife, who feared retribution against her and her children.

However, Marius, now twelve years, knew in his heart that the Elder had been corrupted by some influence. He spoke up against the murder of his father, and against the Elder. Marius thought that he was ready to deal with the consequences of his actions, but they were far more brutal then he had expected. A public beating was administered in front of the entire village, as his mother and younger siblings were forced to watch. The Elder then decided that Marius was to be exiled to the mountains, where he would likely be killed by the vicious conditions or by its brutal inhabitants, thus cleaning up the mess for him.

Marius, however, was a stubborn survivor. Illius had passed the knowledge of the local terrain along to his son, and with it, the young Marius found his way towards one of the rare monasteries devoted to Asmodeus within the Meander Mountains.  Desperate and alone, he threw himself upon the steps of the church. The head priest, Anzo Waldomar, had little compassion for a broken youth on his doorstep, yet his desire to control others, especially in such a remote location, got the better of him. He agreed to take Marius in under the condition that he would sign a term-slave agreement, until he reached the age of eighteen. With nowhere else to go and little choice, Marius signed away the remainder of his young years, to serve the Prince of Darkness.

Although his years of labour were hard, Marius appreciated the structure that his servitude allotted him. Anzo also had an appreciation for his fate-acquired slave, for the young lad seem to have more drive in completing the tasks given to him than any of the Neophytes within the Church. The youth knew his place in the hierarchy of things, and seemed devoted to the Law. Having learned about the Marius' previous martial training, Anzo allowed him to continue training, giving the boy access to the small armory of the church. Marius was immediately drawn to the Bastard Sword, a huge weapon which he dreamed of using to avenge his father with one day. As he practice every day, his body became honed to the weapon, to the point where Marius would exclude practice with other weapons just to improve his skill with blade. His body growing, Marius soon became able to use the weapon one-handed, and added a shield to his routine practice to give him a balance of deadly striking power and solid defense.

By Marius' sixteeth birthday, Anzo had become very pleased with the discipline of his slave, his obedience and his devotion to lawful hierarchy impressing him. Due to this, he felt that he would take it upon himself to make sure that Marius was indoctrinated with the knowledge of Asmodeus. Although he had previously only paid lip service, like most Chelaxians, upon having the Asmodian doctrine read to him, Marius truly understood why Asmodeus' influence was important in a world such as theirs. The nature of Hell's army was the ultimate formation, something that mortals could only dream to replicate. But that dream held the promise of purging corruption, and keeping order, through whatever means necessary, and rung true to those values which Illius had instilled in his son. Marius learned also of the importance of diplomacy and intimidation, to flatter those above you in stature and to bring fear to those underneath you.  The sight of devils no longer brought dread to the young man: He was taught that they were tools used towards Asmodeus' goals. His faith in the Dark One at its zenith, Marius attempted to create the bond required to manifest his deities' power on Golarion, but his new found faith was young, and he lacked the experience required to do so.

Upon his 18th birthday, a ceremony was held, to burn the contract which had tied Marius to this place by law. His obligation fulfilled, Marius was conflicted by a desire to gain the power of the Prince of Darkness, but in the end, he felt that he had been too long sheltered from the world, that he wished to put the word of Law into practice. Long ago, his father had told him the tales of the Hellknights, the manifestation of Law in Cheliax. Now, he had a desire to join their ranks, to purge corruption where it was found and bring order where it was needed. Before leaving the monestary, however, he asked that the head priest brand him with the symbol of Asmodeus, to mark his body as a vessel of Asmodeus' will. The priest agreed, and used a cold-iron symbol of the deity to permanently etch the pentagram of the Prince of Darkness upon his shoulder.

With that, Marius left for Egorian, The City of Thorns, where he hoped to become an Armiger of the Order of the Scourge, the Order of Hellknights devoted to destroying organized crime within the Empire of Cheliax. A practice in patience, Marius was forced to wait outside the gate of Citadel Demain, waiting for an audience with the Hellknights for two weeks, through a terrible heatwave. His determination tested, the Hellknights opened the gates to him. Pontia Runario, a Hellknight rising through the ranks, greeted him, but her news to him was not what he had wanted. Instead of letting him become an Armiger of the Scourge, Pontia asked for a further test of his devotion to their cause. Her information network had recently told her that the Lord Mayor of Westcrown, Aberian Arvanxi, was in the back pocket of a mysterious cabal of thieves. In helping her gain information about such events, Pontia promised the chance for initiation as a Hellknight of the Scourge. Marius relished the chance to purge a criminal organization from the empire, and without any hesitation, made his way towards southwest towards Westcrown, The City of Twilight…

Marius Baradin

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