Dahkath's Council of Thieves

4709 AR Rova 12-13

We're back baby!

Session Date (In Game): Starday, Rova 12 – Sunday, Rova 13 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL): Feb 9th, 2012 – Feb 10th, 2012
Start Time: 8:00pm
Finish Time: 12:30am

Characters Present:

Starday, Rova 12

After a few weeks of relaxation and recovery, the group is contacted by Ursio Jeggare, the mayor’s aide. Over a nice meal, Jeggare outlines his request. The mayor sometimes uses discreet passages in the sewer to move supplies in and out of town, hopefully out of sight of prying eyes. Recently the supplies are being attacked by a group of Kobolds calling themselves “The Sewer Dragons”. Many deliveries have been stolen, and some Dottari have gone missing. The mayor would prefer the negotiation of a truce over the outright slaughter of the Kobolds, as creating a power vacuum would allow another threat to fill the void left behind. Jeggare tells the party that a Taldan scholar by the name of Emral Xarcious used to tutor the children of the tribal leader. As well, Jeggare will be sending someone along with the group, a second son of a noble family in Westcrown. The mayor has asked Ursio to find some work for him, as a personal favour to the Rasdovian family. Halak meets the group at a designated meeting place, and joins the party.

Sunday, Rova 13

The party does a bit of information gathering, and uncovers some information about the Sewer Dragon tribe. The leader, Kibizax, is a powerful sorcerer who is said to have a dragon ally that breathes lightning. Kibizax has two children: A skilled trapmaster named Yippitok, and a sorcerer daughter named Yiddlepode. Yiddlepode would be most likely be next in line to rule the Sewer Dragons.

The Finder uncovers some information on the Taldan scholar. He has not been seen for over a month. The last person to see him was a moneylender and bookie named Creeley Greeves. Greeves has been running his business out of a former watch station in the abandoned north end of town.

Sneaking into the northern ruins, the party finds the abandoned watch station easily. After some negotiations with Greeves, the gambling debt Emral has accumulated is paid in full by House Rasdovian. Creeley then shows the group into the room where Emral was being held, and departs.

Thanking the group for resucing him, Emral draws a map of the sewers, showing the party how to reach the lair of the Sewer Dragons. Halak frees Emral from repaying the gambling debt to House Rasdovian, and in thanks, Emral tells the party some information about Yiddlepode. She is likely open to bargaining with the mayor, and is probably the best chance for a truce with the tribe. It will also be able to catch her aboveground in Westcrown proper, as she often dons a magical disguise to sneak into one of the many operas in town.

Staking out the three operas playing currently, the party has little trouble tracking Yiddlepode down. Inviting her to the Rasdovian private box, the group presses her for a treaty. She informs the party that until her father and brother are dealt with, she is not in a position to negotiate.

Leaving the opera, the party heads to the sewers, where they encounter the advance scouts of the Sewer Dragons. They fight through a narrow corridor, springing a giant boulder trap. The scouts flee through the sewer grates to the drainage area below. As the party pursues, they encounter an Otyugh, which they realize they have seen before during their original flight through the sewers.

Defeating the Otyugh, they continue into the layer of the Sewer Dragons. The advance scouts had a large head start on the party, and when they arrived at Yippitok’s workshop, it has been hastily abandoned.

The group continues on into what appears to be a sunken opera house. Obviously very old, it has either sunken into the ground, or just built over through the history of Westcrown. The party confronts Kibizax, who is indeed a powerful sorcerer. His dragon ally turns out to be an illusion, and poses no real threat. Eventually the party overwhelms Kibizax, who dies in a spectacular lightning and magic display. An illusion perpetuated by his daughter Yiddlepode to allow a smooth transition of power. She demands the party’s unconditional surrender, which they recognize is mostly for the benefit of the kobolds watching. They surrender, and negotiate a truce with Yiddlepode.

True to his word, Ursio pays the party the agreed upon sum of 300 gold pieces, and the thanks for the mayor.

Combat Encounters:

  • Kobold Scouts(2) (CR 1)
  • Boulder Trap (CR 2)
  • Otyugh (CR 4)
  • Kibizax (CR 5)

XP (Per PC)
Story Award: Sewer Dragon Truce – 250 xp
Combat #1: Kobold Scouts(CR 1) – 100xp
Combat #2: Boulder Trap(CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #3: Otyugh (CR 4) – 300xp
Combat #4: Kibizax (CR 5) – 400xp

Fame Points (Per PC, except The Finder)
Fame Point Awarded: Negotiating a truce with the Sewer Dragons

Total XP awarded for session 6: 1200xp
Bonus for Journal submission: 120xp



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