Dahkath's Council of Thieves

4709 AR Arodus 26-28

I'm taking Blind Fight so this can NEVER happen again!

Session Date (In Game): Sunday, Arodus 26 – Toilday, Arodus 28 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL):
Start Time:
Finish Time:

Characters Present:

Sunday, Arodus 26 4709 AR

Most of this day is spent in recovery and planning. Jezzie is still incredibly weak from the poultice, but has her strength returned by Arael. Multiple strategies are discussed for the assault on the Bastards, using Janiven reconnaissance as a guide.

Moonday, Arodus 26 4709 AR

The building occupied by the Bastards appears to be an old church of Erastil. In the bell tower, a tiefling guard keeps watch on the surrounding area. After a quick discussion, Arael casts a spell of silence on the bell, rendering it useless. A hail of crossbow bolts from the PC’s and the Children of Westcrown take down the guard soon after. With the approach clear to the church, the party advances with Arael, leaving Janiven and the rest of the Children of Westcrown behind to cover the rear and deal with any Bastards that try to flee.

As the group attempts to find a quiet way to enter the church, they hear a dog barking. They have been discovered! The PC’s burst into the church, and encounter 4 Tiefling Thugs, and an old mangy dog. After a brief struggle, a tiefling flees down a set of stairs shrieking “Get the mummies! We need help!”

Regrouping, the party pursues the tiefling. Descending the stairs, they come upon a locked door with a simple message: “Praise and thanks to those who spent their lives in service to Erastil – their work strengthens us all”. Opening the door into a small crypt, they are quickly plunged into magical darkness. The tieflings are ready for them, and the party will spend much of the rest of this fight in the dark. Only Thodin has the necessary darkvision necessary to see through the spheres of night conjured by all tieflings. The party is attacked by 4 tieflings, and what appears to be an undead covered in linen wraps. The tieflings eventually fall, after a lot of struggling in the dark. The creature in linen, which casts many low level spells during combat (A Charm spell on The Finder forces him to flee the area), retreats north as the battle turns against it.

The party takes a quick moment to prepare for the next fight. The Finder goes upstairs to loot the tieflings in the church, while Thodin went to search the exit to the east. After discovering another crypt filled with skeletal dogs, the group decides to leave that door closed for now. They notice the skeletons do not attempt to pursue them.

Going north after the fleeing creature, the party next encounters dogs. These were no normal dogs, as they appeared to have similar traits to the tieflings. Thodin theorizes that the dogs were mutated by feeding them tiefling blood and other alchemical supplements. They pose little threat to the group, and are quickly dispatched.

While exploring the underground complex, several exits back to the surface are discovered. It appears that some of the ruined buildings near the temple serve as alternate entrances. They are left unexplored for now.

Rounding a corner, the group is assaulted by another gang of tieflings. Using magical darkness as cover, tiefling rogues surround and take down Arael. They are led by a magic using tiefling. The rogues fight to the death, but the magic user flees near the end of the fight. Arael is brought back to conciousness with a magical healing potion.

Entering what appears to be the end of the tunnels, a huge battle between the party and the remanants of the Bastards. The magic user, the “undead” (whom eventually is revealed to be a tiefling attempting a disguise), a large tiefling with claws on both hands (The party assumes he is the person responsible for digging these tunnels), and a cleric of Asmodeus prepare for a final stand! Again bathed in magical darkness, a hard fought fight leaves the party victorious. The cleric of Asmodeus attempts to flee after turning invisible, but some clever work by the party seals him in the room until his spell expires. He is subdued, and Palaveen is eventually turned over to the Westcrown Watch.

After an extensive search of the complex, a large pile of items are discovered. They appear to be the stolen merchandise taken from the murdered weaponsmith. The party votes to return the goods to the next of kin, if any can be found. A note is discovered crumpled up near Palaveen’s chambers. It reads:

“Palaveen – While we appreciate the work of your Bastards, the Council never intended this association to be anything more than that. We shouldn’t need to remind you that if your tiring applications continue, we’ll need to solve this problem in a manner less concerned with your continued good health”

The party clears out the area surrounding the temple as well, fighting some more skeletal dogs, and a giant Rot Grub.

Returning to Westcrown, the party splits up to handle various errands. Thodin and Marius post on the local message board in code, alerting the mayor’s aide about the successful operation. The rest of the group file a petition to recover the weaponsmith’s goods, if no suitable next of kin can be found.

Arael thanks the group for their invaluable work in helping the rebels. He offers the PC’s free spellcasting whenever they need it (although he might need help in securing components). Also he offers to craft them any potion he can make for no charge, as long as they provide the necessary materials.

Toilday, Arodus 27 4709 AR

A day of rest, and identification of magical items recovered from the Bastard’s complex.

Combat Encounters:

  • Tiefling Thug (Watchtower) (CR 1/3)
  • 4 Tiefling Thugs (Church Interior) (CR 2)
  • “Mummy” + 3 Tiefling Thugs (CR 3)
  • 3 Hell Dogs (CR 2)
  • 4 Tiefling Rogues + Tiefling Sorcerer (CR 4)
  • Tiefling Rogues + Dravano The Digger (CR 3)
  • Palaveen + 2 Wolf Skeletons (CR 5)
  • 2 Wolf Skeletons (CR 1)
  • Giant Rot Grub (CR 3)

XP (Per PC)
Combat #1: Watchtower Thug (CR 1/3) – 35xp
Combat #2: 4 Tiefling Thugs (CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #3: 3 Tiefling Thugs, 1 Tiefling Sorcerer (CR 3) – 200xp
Combat #4: 3 Hell Dogs (CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #5: 4 Tiefling Rogues, 1 Tiefling Sorcerer (CR 4) – 300xp
Combat #6: 3 Tiefling Rogues, Dravano (CR 3) – 200xp
Combat #7: Palaveen, 2 Wolf Skeletons (CR 5) – 400xp
Combat #8: 2 Wolf Skeletons (CR 1) – 100xp
Combat #9: Giant Rock Grub (CR 3) – 200xp
Story Award: Taking steps to return the stolen goods – 300xp
Story Award: Discovering the connection between the Bastards and the Council of Thieves – 600xp

Fame Points (Per PC, except The Finder)
Fame Point Awarded: Returning the stolen goods
Fame Point Awarded: Defeating the Bastards of Erebus

Total XP awarded for session 5: 2,635xp/person
10% Bonus for Journal submission: 263xp/person



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