Dahkath's Council of Thieves

4709 AR Arodus 20-25

Lycanthropy: The Third Option!

Session Date (In Game): Moonday, Arodus 20 – Starday, Arodus 25 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL): October 18th, 2010 & November 8th, 2010
Start Time: 7:45pm
Finish Time: 11:45pm

Characters Present:

  • Moonday, Arodus 20 4709 AR *

After some quick explanations, the party convinces the now freed Jan Candor that he was under the mental control of an imp, for reasons still unknown. Jan is grateful for the work of the party and offers a 10% discount when purchasing at his shop (General goods/weapons from the Core Rulebook). Jezzie and The Finder are suffering from poison damage from the Imps attacks, and will need rest to recover from the damage. As it is very early morning (3 am) the party retires to recuperate. The party learns later that day that the play put on by Thesing Umbero Ulvauno was poorly recieved.

  • Toilday, Arodus 21 4709 AR *

The party is still recovering from the imp’s poison. Upon awakening in the morning, each member of the party discovered a small bag of gold left for them. A woman of her word, Bluehood has rewarded the party for successfully slaying a Shadow Beast. Each character recieved a not to meet at the Four Dragon Inn, to discuss a possible financial opportunity. Upon arriving, the party learns that the Mayor’s Aide, Ursio Jeggare wishes to hire the group to destroy a band of goblins operating out of the ruined northern part of town. After some negotiations, the agreed upon sum is 950gp to neutralize the goblins and their leader, Whitechin.

Whitechin is based out of a ruined alchemical factory in the northern ruins. Originally just a small band of goblins, he has become more bold recently, leading many sorties into the southern part of Westcrown. The mayor would like Whitechin eliminated, but must do so with a bit of subterfuge. This will avoid and conflicts with the Order of the Rack, and the Dottari. The party plans to set out the next day to scout an entrance into the northern ruins.

  • Wealday, Arodus 22 4709 *

The party is still recovering, but spends time trying to find a viable way to enter the northern part of the city without alerting the guards, or causing a panic among the population of Westcrown

  • Oathday, Arodus 23 4709 *

Switching to a different tactic, the party find a damaged section of outer wall that allows easy (and unobserved) passage into the norther part of Westcrown. As they attempt to track down the neighborhood where Whitechin is located, they are accosted by a small gang of Tiefling thieves. The thieves attempt to extort money from the party, and are soundly defeated. Amongst the bodies, the PC’s find a wooden coin, with a devil’s head carved into it. The group locates the appropriate area, and plans to return the next day to assault the factory.

  • Fireday, Arodus 24 4709 *

The party returns to Whitechin’s base of operations. After some advanced scouting, the party ambushes the guard patrol, two Goblins and a Goblin Dog. They are silenced before they can alert their allies inside. The party enters the factory from the back door, catching the goblins by surprise. The room is filled with giant vats of alchemical materials, with goblins high up in the catwalks above. As combat breaks out, one of the goblins opens a valve on the vats, spilling flammable liquid on the party. Eventually these mix with the other chemicals seeping out of the other vats, turning the entire floor of the factory into a huge chemical fire. The party dispatches the goblins, and moves to the upstairs office, where it is assumed Whitechin is hiding.

Marius springs a trap going through the door, and is covered in an alchemical compound later identified as “The Dark”, a sticky liquid that radiates darkness. As Marius gropes blindly around the room, the party gets it’s first look at Whitechin. Whitechin is no goblin, but a wererat! With a goblin sorcerer at his side, the fight is joined. After a few tense rounds, the fight turns against Whitechin, who attempts to flee from the party by jumping out a window. As the party pursues, Jezzie is bitten by Whitechin, who eventually escapes into the ruins. The Finder quickly loots the office, and leaves just as the building collapses from the chemical fire.

The party returns to the civilized part of Westcrown. Thodin does some research, and realizes that Jezzie might be infected with lycanthropy, a curse that carries a death sentence in Westcrown. Jezzie has two options available to her: Seek the help of a high level cleric of Asmodeus, or attempt to use her (and Thodin’s) alchemical skill to come up with a poultice that will fight off her lycanthropy. Thodin and Jezzie chose to come up with a remedy, and spend most of the night attempting to improvise a new alchemical component. While they are involved with this, The Finder attempts to get a message to Arael about the dire state of Jezzie’s condition. The party will recieve a response early the next morning, asking them to meet with him at the temple.

  • Starday Arodus 25 4709 *

Meeting with Arael, the party lays out the problem before them. Arael admits he has no way to assist in this matter, so Jezzie uses the poultice that she and Thodin concocted. Unfortunately, the poison is too strong for her, and she collapses in a coma, drained of her vitality. While she recuperates, Arael lays out his plan for the party.

The Bastards of Erebus, a tiefling group operating out of the northern ruins, has been responsible for a handful of robberies and a double murder in the last few weeks. Always using stealth, they attack every few days, leaving no forced locks or doors, and leave a symbol of the group: A wooden coin with the carving of Mammon, Lord of Erebus. Arael has received information from an informant that the group is located in an old church in the ruins. On his way back from meeting this informant, he was captured by the Dottari (Oathday Arodus 16th). After he was freed by the party, he sent Janiven to investgate. She returned today with confirmation that the Bastards are indeed at the old church. Janiven tells the party that the Bastards have a tiefling in a bell tower, watching the area intently. If the party arrives at night, the tiefling scout will not likely be able to see farther than 30 feet from the tower (the limits of his darkvision). Janiven also tells the party that there are several two story building near the church, with boarded up windows.

Janiven and Arael offer to help the party in the assault on the Bastards. One of the two will lead the rest of the children in a support position. They will be able to ensure no stragglers flee the area after the party enters the church. After a bit of deliberation, the party chooses to take Arael with them, leaving Janiven in charge of the Children of Westcrown forces.

The party then begins to plan their assault…

Combat Encounters:

  • Tiefling Rogues(4) (CR 2)
  • Goblin Exterior Guard (2 Goblins, 1 Goblin Dog) (CR 2)
  • 6 Goblins (Factory Interior) (CR 3)
  • Whitechin + Goblin Sorcerer (CR 4)

XP (Per PC)
Story Award: Jan Candor – 250xp
Combat #1: Tiefling Rogues(CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #2: 2 Goblins, 1 Goblin Dog (CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #3: 6 Goblins (CR 3) – 200xp
Combat #4: Whitechin (CR 4) – 300xp
Encounter: The Curse of Lycanthropy – 150xp

  • Fame Points (Per PC, except The Finder) *
    Fame Point Awarded: Defeating a Shadow Beast
    Fame Point Awarded: Defeating Whitechin and his forces

Total XP awarded for session 4: 1200xp/person
Bonus for Journal submission: 120xp/person



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