Dahkath's Council of Thieves

4709 AR Arodus 17-18

Session Date (In Game): Fireday, Arodus 17 – Starday, Arodus 18 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL): September 15th, 2010
Start Time: 7:45pm
Finish Time: 11:15pm

Characters Present:

Part #1: The Sewers of Westcrown
The party continued the march through the sewers of Westcrown. After watching a party of Hellknight Armingers fall to a group of skeletons, the party destroyed the undead. From the other side of the combat site, The Finder appeared. He was sent on behalf of Janiven to help the obviously lost party make there way to the safe house. After introductions and initial apprehensions were dealt with, the new party continued on their way. Eventually, the party made there way to a ladder heading to a back alley on the surface, behind an abandoned shrine of Aroden. The Finder, his contract complete, exited the area. After identifying themselves to the door guard, they were admitted to the temple. Sewer combats/encounters detailed below:

  • Skeletons(3)
    • Recently slaughtered a band of Armingers when encountered by the party.
  • Sewer Goblins (4)
    • Ambushed the party from the dark
    • 3 of 4 party members down in the first 2 rounds (2 criticals landed on Thodin)
  • Imps
    • Non-combat, overheard a small amount of imps (2+) discussing in Infernal
    • Mentioning how they have attempted to subvert Jan Candor, a Westcrown Merchant
    • Imps mention using non obvious methods. Jan was likely unaware of their meddling.
    • Party bypassed without alerting Imps

Part #2: The Shrine of Aroden/Safehouse
Janiven, after returning to the safe house with The Finder in tow, allowed the group to clean and rest. After a short break, the party was introduced to the current roster of the citizen’s brigade. The group was in the middle of discussing the name to be used, as well as the uniform to wear while working for the group. After some discussions about names, including “The Knights of Westcrown” and “The Guardians of Cheliax”, the party convinced the group that a less militaristic name might serve their purpose better. Eventually it was agreed, and the name “Children of Westcrown” was informally adopted. As well, the uniform selected to be used was a hood or facemask, along with a red arm band. This will allow the Children to gain reputation for doing good deeds for the citizenry, but keep the person from being identified by the government. After a bit of discussion (mostly involving not wearing ANY identifying features), this was accepted as the uniform of choice.

Each party member noticed how desperate the Children of Westcrown are. Janiven appears competent (and she vouches for Arael's skill as well), but most of the other rebels have no training any battle (of any sort). Some might have potential in the future, but most are just regular citizens who want better lives for themselves and the other people of Westcrown. Some of the children of Westcrown seem to take special interest in the party. Whether it's a bit of hero worship, or the belief that the party can help them, it appears the PC's have fans.

After answering some questions from each of the Children of Westcrown, the party eventually collapses after the events of the day finally take their toll. The Children of Westcrown are: * Amaya (Female Tian Human)

  • Ermolos (Male Chelish Human) – showed an interest in Marius/Combat
  • Fiosa (Female Halfling) – spent most of the night hearing Thodin sermonize
  • Gorvio (Male Chelish Human)
  • Larko (Male Garundi Human) – was rebuffed by "The Finder"
  • Mathalen (Female Chelish Human)
  • Rizzardo (Male Varisian Human)
  • Sclavo (Male Garundi Human)
  • Tarvi (Female Chelish Human)
  • Vitti (Male Chelish Human)
  • Yakopulio (Female Gnome)

Part #3: Ambush outside of Westcrown
The party is awoken by Janiven, who has received dire news. It appears the Dottari have released Arael over to the Hellknights of the Rack. The Hellknights are now in the process of transferring him to Citadel Rivad, a fortress and training ground to the southwest of Westcrown. Word on the street relayed to Janiven indicates the prison wagon will be escorted by 10 Hellknight Armingers, 4 on horseback, led by a young (but low-ranking) Hellknight Signifier named Shanwen. As the entire operation to apprehend the Children of Westcrown was essentially a training exercise, the Order of the Rack has not placed a full contingent of guards on the transfer detail. As the party does not have any mounts, Gorvio loans the mounts to the party from his Uncle Jacovo's shop, with the understanding that no harm is to come to them. Janiven recommends a double ambush: The Children of Westcrown will attempt to draw the four Hellknight horseman to chase after them, while the party handles the remainder of the forces. The Order of the Rack are arrogant, and will likely see the Children of Westcrown as simple bandits, and leave the wagon to pursue. The Children will seed the area in front of them with caltrops, then beat a hasty retreat when the riders reach them. This will give the PC's ample time to free Arael. After springing the ambush (which goes off without a hitch), the party engages the remainder of the forces. Shanwen attacks the party from the top of the wagon, which has a heavy crossbow mounted to the top.

After defeating the group, the party frees Arael from the wagon. Arael excuses himself from the group after receiving a scolding from Marius, and returns to Westcrown. Several of the party accompany him, with the rest going back separately. The party re-enters the city of Westcrown as the session draws to a close. A note is found on Shanwen, from Mayor Aberian Arvanxi to the captain of the guard of Citadel Rivad asking for help dealing with a group of bandits called the "Bastards of Erebus". Specifically, the letter seems to be repeating the request, and asks for a response to an earlier request for help in dealing with the bandits.

XP (Per PC)
Story Award: Escaping the Sewers – 300xp
Combat #1: 3 Skeletons(CR 1) – 100 xp
Combat #2: Sewer Goblins (CR 2) – 150xp
Combat #3: Ambush!(CR 4) – 300xp Story Award: Freeing Arael from the Hellknights – 300xp

Fame Points (Per PC, except The Finder)
Fame Point Awarded: Rescuing Arael
Fame Point Awarded: Refrained from killing ANY Hellknights in the ambush

Total XP awarded for session 1: 1150/person 10%
Bonus for Journal submission: 115xp/person



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