Dahkath's Council of Thieves

4709 AR Arodus 16-17

"You're *THAT* Brightgaze?!"

Session Date (In Game): Oathday, Arodus 16 – Fireday, Arodus 17, 4709 AR
Session Date (IRL): September 13th, 2010

Start Time: 7:45pm
Finish Time: 11:15pm

Characters Present:

Part #1: Various Westcrown locations
Each PC was intercepted during their daily activities by a woman. She identified herself as Janiven and knew a little about each players recent past in and around Westcrown. Janiven mentions to each PC that there are more concerned citizens in Westcrown, who are willing to take steps to ensure safety for the population. She offers each NPC a chance to meet with her (and her compatriot Arael for dinner to discuss the matter further. She schedules this meeting for 4pm the following day (Fireday) with a promise to be done long before it gets dark.

True to her word, Janiven provides a satisfying, if not spectacular meal. The heroes are introduced to each other over (semi) polite dinner conversation. After the meal is done, Janiven informs the PC’s of her intentions. Janiven means to form a “citizen’s brigade” to help the downtrodden people of Westcrown. The brigade (which does not yet have a name) would attempt to win the hearts and minds of the Westcrown population, without resorting to rebellion or open revolt. After this has been accomplished, the brigade will present itself to the government with advice on how to improve the situation in the city. Janiven is convinced that the government will have no choice to respect the group if the popular support is behind it. Each PC understands that even uttering these words is high treason, with only one punishment.

The characters do not get long to question Janiven about her plans, as a young teenager rushes into the room. The youth, who is named Morosino, informs Janiven that her mentor Arael has been captured by the dottari (City Guard). The Hellknights of the Rack are attempting to take control of the prisoner, and are headed to the tavern. Every character now hears the unmistakable sound of steel on stone, as the Hellknights encircle the tavern. It appears Morosino has led them right to them.

Janiven pleads with the characters to flee with her through a sewer entrance in the back of the tavern. Innocent or not, each character knows that the Hellknights will now consider them rebels. Janiven and Thodin topple some furniture to slow the advance, and slip down into the sewers.

Part #2: The Sewers of Westcrown
p. After escaping into a sewer access tunnel, Janiven finds her hidden cache of supplies, which she has placed for just such a contigency. Morosino goes ahead to warn the safehouse of what has transpired. Janiven shows each character the small mark she and Morosino made at each intersection, which will direct the follower to the safehouse on the other side of town. Warning the characters that the Hellknights will soon be in pursuit, and might be going ahead to intercept, Janiven makes her way quickly out of visual range of the tunnel entrance. A few intersections later, the sounds of approaching Hellknights appear to be getting closer. Janiven tells the party to make it’s way to the safe house by following the marks made. Then, borrowing Marius’s shovel, proceeds to lead the Hellknights in an opposite direction, make a loud amount of noise to cover the party’s escape.

The rest of the session is spent navigating (and getting lost in) the sewers of Westcrown. The characters encountered the following creatures in the sewers:

  • A band of Hellknight Armingers (3)
    • Bickering amongst themselves, the Armnigers did not notice the characters approaching.
    • The Armingers avoided using any tactics, instead trying to hinder the others actions to increase their own favour with the Hellknights
  • A small pack of Ooze-like bugs (Torbles)
    • Ambushed the party in a sewer cistern
  • A large “sewer monster” that seemed to be guarding a magical light source
  • A single sewer goblin who attempted to shoot Jezzie in the back, then fled before he could be stopped
  • A patch of Shrieker fungus, that drew a patrol of sewer goblins when activated, including the original scout from the previous encounter
  • 2 Human Zombies, sitting at a table in a side room off the main sewer line

The session ended with the zombies being defeated by the party, but with resources running low.

XP (Per PC)
Story Award: Fleeing the Tavern/Introductions – 400xp
Combat #1: 3 Hellknight Armingers (CR 1) – 135xp
Combat #2: Torbles (CR 1) – 135xp
Combat #3: Sewer Goblins (CR 2) – 200xp
Combat #4: Zombies (CR 1) – 135xp

Total XP awarded for session 1: 1005xp/person
10% Bonus for Journal submission: 100xp/person



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