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Council of Thieves Adventure Path

Don’t go out after dark! In the run-down Chelish capital of Westcrown, fallen from grace generations ago by the rise of the devil-worshiping House of Thrune, strange beasts of shadow prowl the streets after nightfall. At the same time, the head of the city’s all-powerful crime syndicate, the notorious Council of Thieves, has grown unstable, and a new power is determined to take control—even if it means burning Westcrown to the ground.

Once the seat of mighty Imperial Cheliax, the decaying metropolis of Westcrown now stands wrecked and ruined, haunted by mysterious shadow beasts and besieged by the agents of the nation’s new diabolical rulers. Amid this chaos, a growing schism in the city’s influential Council of Thieves threatens to tear Westcrown apart unless a new group of heroes rises from the ashes of empire to chart a new destiny for the lost souls of the city.

The home page of my latest campaign, run in a small suburb north of Toronto, Ontario.

Updated 01/04/12: After an extended hiatus, we are spinning up to continue the campaign. Stay tuned!

Updated 01/28/15: As you might have guessed, this campaign is no more. Real Life gets in the way sometimes! ;)

Dahkath's Council of Thieves

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